From the daily archives: Thursday, May 13, 2010

In his latest State of the State address Governor Strickland proposed a bunch of stuff to help create jobs in Ohio including asking “the legislature to erase Ohio’s tangible personal property tax on generation for wind and solar facilities.”

Green energy has been a big part of the Governor’s agenda since taking office and it’s no surprise that he’s still pushing this as part of his latest agenda.

It is, however, a big surprise that some Republican State Senators actually listened to and agree with the Governor.

Sen. Chris Widener introduced a bill (S.B. 232) less than a […]

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The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police have issued another statement about the so-called “Troopergate” scandal today on their website.  And their proposal is simple:  the State Senate should be investigating the Inspector General instead!

The FOP questions the credibility of the Inspector General?s report and reason for omissions.

The FOP would like the Senate to investigate why the Inspector General?s Office left important material out of the investigation and failed to account for the missing information in his investigative report. 

We feel that it is important that the Inspector General be thorough when he is investigating alleged […]

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So-called “Troopergate” dominoes keep falling. The Dispatch has a post indicating Ohio House Speaker Armand Budish has come out in support of Ohio Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor, who was a target of what is now a discredited investigation by Ohio Inspector General Thomas Charles. According to The Columbus Dispatch, Budish says:

Based on what I have seen, I don?t know a reason why she shouldn?t be confirmed.

This follows on the heels of a vote of confidence from the Ohio F.O.P., who also openly criticized Thomas Charles.


Ron O’brien is “ruminating whether criminal charges are […]

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As John Kasich and Mary Taylor tour the reddest of the red parts of Ohio (Ted Strickland will be in Butler County in a few weeks, in comparison), there is one awkward hint of irony after another.

First, the Kasich-Taylor team is supposed to be doing this to show their solidarity with the unemployed in Ohio.

However, they’re doing it in what the Toledo Blade calls a “luxurious” bus to Republicans who are… employed or married to folks who are gainfully employed.  What’s next, a yacht tour?

But as the “Negativity Express” makes it rounds, there’s something that happened yesterday […]

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This story isn’t going away.? In fact, it’s only starting to heat up.

Today, the Columbus Dispatch has another story about Lehman Bros., John Kasich, and state pension funds.? This time, it’s to note that while then State Treasurer Richard Cordray was able to divest Ohio of $800 million in toxic assets before the market crashed, state pension funds were slower and as a result lost somewhere between $480 million to $220 million as a result.

What the Dispatch story doesn’t do is offer an explanation as to why the pensions funds might have been slower to drop […]

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Very busy, and about to go abroad for a week on work, which means I’ll be totally offline for a bit.? But I’ve been paying attention, and there’s a little something about Ted Strickland’s campaign I need to get off my chest.

There’ve been murmurs here and there, that this whole Lehman Brothers, Fox News line of attack on John Kasich is somehow unwise.? That to attack Kasich on Lehman is…er….lame.? And that to attack Kasich on his association with Fox News is just silly.? And that somehow, it equates to “negative” campaigning.


Kasich worked at Lehman, at a […]

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