So, let me get this straight, John Kasich can tour around Ohio for THREE YEARS blasting the Governor over just about everything the Governor has done, but Ted Strickland makes ONE SPEECH focusing on John Kasich’s record, and he’s a victim of a smear campaign.

Ted Strickland will talk to Ohioans about his record.? His campaign website contains more information about Ted Strickland’s record than John Kasich has about his record or vision for Ohio (and Strickland’s) combined.

The real reason for all the whining by Kamp Kasich is that they literally were unprepared for the Governor to come out swinging.? Kasich’s entire general election strategy was to get by without saying anything substantive, avoid being defined at all, and try to keep this race solely as a referendum, not even on the incumbent, but the economy.? How do we know this?? Because the Carpetblogger couldn’t stop talking about for the past year.? That’s why John Kasich has hidden behind carefully hand picked audiences and speaks from that White Room from Youtube land and does bus tours in areas of Ohio that Blackwell won.

To the extent he’s offered anything substantive, John Kasich’s is about a tax plan he no longer wishes to talk about because people were “smearing” him by suggesting that he had no realistic plans for how to pay for the 44% of general revenues lost by such a repeal.? Notice any questions or criticism of John Kasich is a vicious and unprovoked smear while his entire campaign of negativity is not a glaring example of political hypocrisy.

John Kasich’s campaign message for today was that any mention of his support for free trade and how it has put Ohio in the economic shape its in the first place is a “dirty smear.”? Even though the Kasich campaign admits that not a single thing the Governor said was factually wrong or misleading or taking something out of context.? Attacked over his congressional record, and John Kasich didn’t even try to defend it.

Meanwhile, while criticizing the Strickland campaign on “substance” Kasich’s campaign website is filled with nothing platitudes that say nothing at all.

What John Kasich and Rob Portman are really protesting is that they want to present themselves as the “great fixers” of the economy without ever being questioned if they’re the ones who broke it in the first place!

The Republicans, and even the Kasich campaign itself, has taking on the role of a concern troll, lamenting the “unwise” idea of Strickland pointing out that he’s got a fight on his hands.?

Guess what folks, Ted Strickland has a fight on his hands.? And it’s about time we started to realize it.? And if Ted Strickland’s campaign passed on the opening that the Kasich campaign has left them to define Kasich and done as the Kasich campaign is counseling their opponent to do, he’d still have a fight on his hands.

Meanwhile, not a single Republican, conservative blogger, or even Kasich himself has offered any defense to the Strickland’s campaign central point: that John Kasich has made a career praying to the alter of Wall Street, and that has hurt Ohioans very badly.

They couldn’t even try even a half-hearted denial of it. Why? Because it’s true. I know, you know, they know, but they were hoping the people of Ohio wouldn’t know it.

Instead, they tried to get the Ohio media to fall victim to pundititis: that media malady that forces people to observe events in a way no rational person could and think it’s news to point out that the speech is evidence that Strickland has a tough re-election and not the tight polling and double-digit unemployment in the nation.

Look Ted Strickland couldn’t contrast his record to John Kasich’s vision because John Kasich hasn’t offered any vision.? So the only thing left is Kasich’s record.

And from the Carpetblogger up to Kasich himself, what they’re really whining about is that they’re trying to play the refs to keep the race on their chosen field to wage this campaign.? The Kasich campaign doesn’t want this campaign to even be a referendum on Strickland’s record.? They want it be a referendum on the economy–so long as voters aren’t asked to consider how Kasich’s economic policies and work for Lehman Bros. might by responsible for it.? Kasich is complaining because he was told he’d never have to play defense, let alone by May.

They don’t want this race to be a choice between the candidates’ records and visions because they know they will lose.? They don’t even want it to be entirely about the economy because they could lose.? Instead, they want this race to be decided on the fact that Ted Strickland couldn’t keep Ohio isolated from the worst global economic meltdown since the Great Depression– an impossible standard that even a narcissistic jerk like John Kasich on his wildest days could even convinced he’d do any better had he been Governor instead.

Ted Strickland has shown he can take a political punch, time after time. Today, he reminded John Kasich he can throw one, too.? And John Kasich cannot handle it.

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