So, I never get e-mail about a post.  Almost never.  But I’ve got to tell you that people are starting to pay attention to Tom Charles and his handling of this “Troopergate” investigation and have moved from extreme indifference to jaw dropping amazement.  When conservative blogger Scott Pullins also realizes that there’s something amiss with Tom Charles, you know people are paying attention.

98% of the comments I’ve already gotten about this morning’s post about how Thomas Charles has managed to conduct a five-year investigation in Coingate without ever having even attempted to interview Tom Noe has been very positive, which is remarkable in that nothing I write tends to generate “fan mail.”

The only other comment I’ve gotten is this: what does Coingate have to do with the Inspector General’s report on the Governor’s Mansion?  Fair enough.

Well, first, you have the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party trying to make the case that we should trust Charles because Strickland reappointed him, someone needs to put those comments Strickland made at the time into context.  Strickland said at the time he was appointing Charles because he was assured that Charles’ continued service would result in a rapid conclusion into the Coingate investigation.  It hasn’t.

Second, Charles has used “Coingate” for the past five years to get one blank check from the General Assembly after another.  Charles has gotten additional funding he said he needed to finish the “Coingate” investigation.  More staff, he just says Coingate, and it’s approved.  The first time his office got its own state vehicles?  Coingate.

When the Highway Patrol’s senior management learned that the two officers involved in “Troopergate” were trying to buy a server for Charles’ office with tax monies the legislature had appropriated for the Ohio Highway Patrol instead, what was the officers’ justification?  “Coingate.”

Thomas Charles has been able to substantially increase his office’s budget and resources simply by uttering “Coingate” over and over again.  He’s even gotten the legislature to create an Inspector General inside both the BWC and ODOT.

To recap, Thomas Charles, today, has a job because Gov. Strickland was told it was necessary to retain Charles if we were to ever successful conclude the Coingate matter.  Thomas Charles’ office has new computer equipment and vehicles they can not use to visit Tom Noe in prison.  All of this was given to Charles to finish up the investigation on Coingate.

And five years later, despite amassing his political fiefdom, he’s failed to deliver.  Given that most, if not all, of the criminal prosecutions in Coingate have been done, you have to ask yourself:  is Coingate the Golden Goose that Thomas Charles is afraid to kill because what such a report might have to reveal or because it end his office’s salad days?

It’s time someone started asking.  If not the media, then perhaps the Democrats in the House should start exercising their legislative duties in holding some hearings of their own.