The Columbus Dispatch has reported on the new television ad being run by the “American Action Network” praising Pat Tiberi for loving puppies or something.  I dunno because the ad makes a series of claims without citing a single source or roll call vote.

It praises Tiberi, a guy who voted for the bailouts, for being against wasteful spending.  Seriously.

Of course, the Dispatch fails to note that the “American Action Network” is the brainchild of former Senator Norm Coleman (who lost to Al Franken… which I only mention because it pisses off conservatives whenever you remind them that Al Franken is a Senator).  Democratic candidate/Franklin County Commission Paula Brooks’ campaign issued a press release today denouncing the group’s numerous Wall Street ties.

Congressman Tiberi recently voted against the Wall Street reform bill that contained key consumer protections for Central Ohio families, but only after he voted to bail out these very Wall Street banks without enough protections for consumers and taxpayers.  Now, to show their appreciation, a Wall Street backed special interest group is coming to his rescue with tens of thousands of dollars in apparently misleading TV ads.

?We?re launching an on-line petition so middle class families in Central Ohio can have a voice and tell Pat Tiberi to stop giving Wall Street CEOs special treatment while sticking our families and small businesses with the bill,? said Franklin County Commissioner Paula Brooks, who is running for Congress in the 12th Congressional District. 

?We lost good-paying jobs here in central Ohio because Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers   put personal greed ahead of the good of America, and now Pat Tiberi is protecting these bad actors. These big shot multi-billionaires on Wall Street may be coming to Congressman Tiberi?s rescue as a way of showing their gratitude, but the bottom line is that Pat Tiberi answers to us and not Wall Street.

?Now, more than ever, we need to change the way Wall Street does business.  I support the critical financial reform bill because it is an essential step to reining in unbridled greed on Wall Street, rebuilding our economy, and bringing good paying, sustainable jobs back to Ohio.  In Congress, I will stand up for everyday Ohio small businesses on Main Street, not big shots on Wall Street.”

Tiberi does present an odd platform for running for re-election:  Yes on Bailouts; No on Wall Street Reform.  I can’t imagine that’s going to go over well with the folks in his district.

And no vague, platitude-filled ad from Wall Street special interests are going to make this an easier sell.