From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Carpetblogger is amazed at the “trend” that a bunch of Republican lawmakers from across Ohio all today issued separate press releases from different regions of Ohio today to discuss the economy.  Keeling wrote four posts about these releases, each one, more amazed at the coincidence that these lawmakers were saying the same thing at the same time.

It’s almost like these lawmakers didn’t actually release these press releases at all, but they were all issued in a coordinated fashion by the some central organization like… the Ohio Republican House Caucus, […]

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The Columbus Dispatch has reported on the new television ad being run by the “American Action Network” praising Pat Tiberi for loving puppies or something.  I dunno because the ad makes a series of claims without citing a single source or roll call vote.

It praises Tiberi, a guy who voted for the bailouts, for being against wasteful spending.  Seriously.

Of course, the Dispatch fails to note that the “American Action Network” is the brainchild of former Senator Norm Coleman (who lost to Al Franken… which I only mention because it pisses […]

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So, I never get e-mail about a post.  Almost never.  But I’ve got to tell you that people are starting to pay attention to Tom Charles and his handling of this “Troopergate” investigation and have moved from extreme indifference to jaw dropping amazement.  When conservative blogger Scott Pullins also realizes that there’s something amiss with Tom Charles, you know people are paying attention.

98% of the comments I’ve already gotten about this morning’s post about how Thomas Charles has managed to conduct a five-year investigation in Coingate without ever having even attempted to interview Tom Noe […]

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Remember Coingate?? Remember how then-Senator Marc Dann criticized Tom Charles’ slow response to investigate Coingate in 2005?? Remember how quick Thomas Charles in 2008?moved to raid the office of Attorney General Marc Dann, seizing countless cell phones, file cabinets, and computers, leaving the office with virtually no ability for key staff to do any work?? Remember how quickly it took Tom Charles to complete his investigation on Marc Dann? (Eight months).

The Ohio Inspector General’s office announced in April 2005 that it was opening an investigation into Coingate.? In that time, Charles asked to the telephone records of […]

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