This “Troopergate” horseshit is rapidly becoming clearer.? Like you, dear readers, I’ve been wondering what this byzantine obsession of the right wingnutosphere has been, why they’re obsessed, and what could possibly have gotten them so agitated that they spend their days ejaculating all over their keyboards about the latest ins and outs of something less clear to the casual observer than derivative reform.? Well, want the quick and dirty?? Here it is.

This is a sorry, sad old man, Tom Charles, nursing a grudge about his wife’s non-promotion, on a resentful, pathetic vendetta against civilian control of the highway patrol, which Charles spent 31 years serving and chafing against civilian control, said civilian control resulting in Tom Charles’ wife being passed over for said promotion.? Period.?? And Tom Charles has taken this vendetta to the absurd point of losing his fucking mind with rage and tying state government in knots over it. ? That’s what’s going on.

The reason we are hearing about a sorry old man losing his mind with rage is because the Republican Party in Ohio is so desperate to scandal monger in support of their Lehman Brothers candidate for governor, that they’ve invested their entire statewide ticket’s prospects in Tom Charles’ sorry old man routine.

Want proof?? This is what a guy who has spent a career in a police cruiser doing nothing but handing out speeding tickets on the interstate sounds like when he’s skating on very thin ice.

Charles denied suggestions that his report was biased because neither his wife nor her supervisor was selected by the administration as the Highway Patrol superintendent last year.

“Never one time, not one time, did I ever try to influence anybody or speak on her behalf to be the colonel of the Highway Patrol. Never one time,” Charles said.

Thou protesteth too much, Tom….no one is asking whether you tried “to influence anybody or speak on the behalf” of your wife’s promotion, which she did not get.? The question is whether or not Tom Charles is using this investigation to nurse a sad pathetic grudge as a result of that non-promotion, Tom.? But thanks for bringing up another very interesting question!

“That issue to me is a non-issue,” Charles said, “although others maybe want to make it an issue.”

I have a feeling Republicans will be the ones making this an issue.