So, like two weeks ago, I noted an odd reference in an early April letter from Rocky Saxbe (ODPS Director Cathy Collins-Taylor’s attorney) to the Ohio Inspector General’s office which stated:

?Colonel Dicken had been involved in an incident in 2008, when Major Booker sought his approval for the emergency purchase of computer equipment for the Highway Patrol task force working with the Inspector General on the investigation of Attorney General Dann. Colonel Dicken subsequently learned that Major Booker had misrepresented the purchase of the acquisition which was actually for the Inspector General?s use.? (emphasis added.)

Now (Ret.) Maj. Booker and Lt. Henderson just happened to be the star witnesses of Chairman Grendell’s one-side Senate hearings on the so-called “Troopergate” scandal who perjured themselves by falsely testifying that the there was “no doubt” that the item was drugs, when most believed at the time that it was likely tobacco, and therefore, there was no crime to be investigated.

And, yet, these same two individuals in 2008 just happen to be involved in a plot to misappropriate money for the Ohio Highway Patrol to purchase a new server and other computer equipment for… Inspector General Thomas Charles.? And Charles just happens to take their side in the dispute in his report he issued just a little over a week ago.? Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

Dicken, who Charles opposed from being promoted to Superintendent to the Ohio Highway Patrol and sped up an investigation to try to dampen Dicken’s chances, was in charge of the relevant office of the Patrol that caught wind of this plot and ended it.

Within the hour that Dicken canceled the Patrol’s “gift” to the I.G., Dicken got a rather testy phone call from Thomas Charles.? According to the Inspector General’s own report of its interview of Col. Dicken:

Dicken:? Well, later that morning, you know, I talked to Michelle and she kind of falls on the sword and says, ?Well, we were just trying to get a piece of equipment and we thought this would work.? And I was very frustrated with Michelle. I said, ?That?s not how we do business. You need to be forthright and?? — after — shortly after that conversation, I?m walking down the hall and Colonel Charles calls me and starts off with, ?Fuck you.?

Calls me on my cell phone and says, ?Fuck you and fuck George Maier and fuck Henry Guzman.? And he said, ?George Maier can stick that server up his fucking ass.? And he said, ?I?ll take care of him and Public Safety.? And he — he rains this assault down on me for 20 or 30 seconds. (emphasis added.)

I kept trying, I said, ?Well, Colonel, wait a minute. Let me explain.? And I kept trying, ?Colonel, Colonel?, and he wouldn?t [sic] and he hung up. And I was — I had never been treated so poorly in my life, particularly by someone I thought was a colleague and even a friend. And, you know, I stewed on that for the rest of the day and I mentioned it to a colleague and I said, ?I feel like I should tell George or somebody.? I — and I slept on it and the next day I told George Maier, the Assistant Director.

Yep, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that Thomas Charles’ far-fetched conclusions that require you to deny the existence of clear statutory law and the mere possibility that it’s entirely appropriate to scale back an investigation when there’s credible evidence that there’s no crime to investigate has any relationship to any possible grudges Charles and his office has for certain folks in the ODPS and the Patrol.

Nope, nothing to see here at all.? Move along, move along.

(BTW, how pissed are the editors at the Columbus Dispatch going to be when they realized that I pieced this exclusive story all together based on things that Randy Ludlow has posted on their website, but never actually written about?)