Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle asks the following about Nickie Antonio becoming the first openly gay legislator elected to the Ohio Statehouse.

So, if Nickie Antonio were heterosexual she?d not be a news story?

Yes, that’s correct, Lisa.? If you’re just a male, or a female, elected to the state legislature, you’re not really all that big of a deal.? If you’re the very first openly gay legislator in Ohio history, if you were the first woman elected to a state office in Ohio, or the first black, or the first Jew, or the first Muslim, or the first Asian-America, take your pick, Lisa, yes, that would be the headline.? That is, in fact, the story.? I’ve been known to be pretty critical of the MSM in Ohio, especially the PD, but on this one, yes, the PD got it right.

But go on, Lisa, do explain why this being news is so objectionable, I’d love to hear it.

While I understand the whole pride issue some attach to the ?first? label, I don?t introduce my daughters based on their sexual preference, I?d never say, ?These are my heterosexual daughters and oh yeah, here?s my ?openly gay? daughter.? They are all my daughters?

Here’s the funny part, Lisa.? To be your daughters, your daughters just have to be born.? To be an elected official, you have to, you know, kind of do more than get born.? You have to win more votes than the next guy.? That makes the whole being gay thing, kinda, you know, a big deal.

Hopefully some day we will get to the point where someone?s sexual preference isn?t considered headline newsworthy…

Time to educate Lisa Renee Ward.? Nice try on the whole “tolerance” schtick, Lisa, but being gay is not a “preference”, dear.? It is who you are.? If your daughters were gay, they were born gay.? Calling it a “preference” is like calling your skin color a “preference”, or your last name a “preference”.

Maybe Lisa Renee Ward objects to the news of Nicki Antonio’s election because Lisa Renee Ward objects to….well….the news of Nicki Antonio’s election.? After all, it’s just a “preference”.

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  • akonsen

    Time to educate Lisa Renee Ward. Nice try on the whole ?tolerance? schtick, Lisa, but being gay is not a ?preference?, dear. It is who you are. If your daughters were gay, they were born gay. Calling it a ?preference? is like calling your skin color a ?preference?, or your last name a ?preference?.

    What do you mean by “born gay”, Tim? Do you mean homosexuality is genetically determined?

  • Don't be silly. Everyone knows that people don't consciously choose to be gay.

    They are, of course, forced into gayness by gay recruiters (usually on college campuses) who employ sophisticated gay brainwashing techniques developed by the CIA during the cold war.

  • It also seems worth considering that, statistically speaking, the demographic breakdown of sexual orientation in the Ohio legislature doesn't even come close to matching that of the general population.

    You could write this off in part to a bias against homosexual political candidates. But I don't think you can write off the whole thing.

    It's more likely true that there are a large number of current and past Ohio legislators who are/were gay but who are/were not open about it.

    This means Nickie Antonio is most likely not the first gay legislator – just the first “openly” gay one.

    And being open and honest about one's sexual orientation is definitely a preference and a personal choice.

    That said, unlike being female or black, one could easily deny being gay to improve their chances of being elected. And that makes Antonio's status as an openly gay candidate something that is most certainly newsworthy.

  • mvirenicus

    it starts earlier than college. apparently the recruiters are working overtime in the white bread working class high school my stepkid attends. she says it's fashionable to be gay or bi at her school. sounds like half the student body is swinging both ways. then i remember how teens have a tendency to exaggerate, although i've seen some evidence of her claims.

  • Brian Maxson

    “Maybe Lisa Renee Ward objects to the news of Nicki Antonio?s election because Lisa Renee Ward objects to?.well?.the news of Nicki Antonio?s election. After all, it?s just a ?preference?.”

    Is THAT was you got from the news story, Tim? Hanging your hat on that?

    Did you really think this response through? Did you even read her posting a couple of times instead of the once while already formulating a witty retort?

    How about this gem: “To be an elected official, you have to, you know, kind of do more than get born. You have to win more votes than the next guy. That makes the whole being gay thing, kinda, you know, a big deal.”

    Show me an instance where someone “basing their campaign on their being gay” has won an election? Being hispanic? Being Muslim? Being black? Being Jewish? It's a very rare occurance.

    Now, I appreciate the effort you put into reading her blogpost and fashioning this very poignant response, but Tim, seriously? This response to an opinion, which wasn't even the meat of her posting, is an issue because you chose to make this an issue.

    But seeing you've chosen to be technical, show me an instance where someone of homosexual origin hasn't crossed the line and had sex with an opposite gendered individual. It happens all the time, my friend. Just because someone with a sexual proclivity of the male gender goes off, impregnates a woman and fathers children is a “part-time” homosexual? He has a “sexual preference” of being with men. It's the sexual “preference” of an individual the media chose to “overlook” the first-time around she opines on about and which is the root of your patronization of Lisa's opinion.

    Why didn't the Plain Dealer make as big a deal as they did on the “second go-around story” about her sexual proclivity? Me thinks THAT was the crux of her posting.

    And you come back with this mess.

    wow brother lol

    I don't expect you to grasp this, by the way…and is also the reason I'm not going to wander about your page reading your insight. If this retort is an example, you got some growing up to do first.

  • Blame Glee, dude.

    Or American Idol.

    Or the fact that being gay is just so damn cool.

  • mvirenicus

    bee gees, man. all bee gees.

  • akonsen


  • I think the lack of reply is a hint. Take it.

  • akonsen

    Chalk this one up to Tim's fear of answering uncomfortable questions.

  • mvirenicus

    as a general rule tim doesn't reply to comments to his own posts. i've known him to break this rule on rare occasions so maybe he's just ignoring you.

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