From the daily archives: Monday, May 10, 2010

Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle asks the following about Nickie Antonio becoming the first openly gay legislator elected to the Ohio Statehouse.

So, if Nickie Antonio were heterosexual she?d not be a news story?

Yes, that’s correct, Lisa.? If you’re just a male, or a female, elected to the state legislature, you’re not really all that big of a deal.? If you’re the very first openly gay legislator in Ohio history, if you were the first woman elected to a state office […]

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So, like two weeks ago, I noted an odd reference in an early April letter from Rocky Saxbe (ODPS Director Cathy Collins-Taylor’s attorney) to the Ohio Inspector General’s office which stated:

?Colonel Dicken had been involved in an incident in 2008, when Major Booker sought his approval for the emergency purchase of computer equipment for the Highway Patrol task force working with the Inspector General on the investigation of Attorney General Dann. Colonel Dicken subsequently learned that Major Booker had misrepresented the purchase of the acquisition which was actually for the Inspector General?s use.? (emphasis added.)


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Jon Keeling (R-VA) really is a stupid person.  He seems to care more about where stories are placed, than what they actually have to say or the historical significance of such stories.

Take his post about Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch story.  He spends the entire post talking about where it was posted than what it says.  He doesn’t even include a link to the story.  And for good reason, because if anyone actually read the story, Keeling would realize just how far the Dispatch‘s thinking on the whole silly “Tobaccogate” story has come in the last few […]

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This “Troopergate” horseshit is rapidly becoming clearer.? Like you, dear readers, I’ve been wondering what this byzantine obsession of the right wingnutosphere has been, why they’re obsessed, and what could possibly have gotten them so agitated that they spend their days ejaculating all over their keyboards about the latest ins and outs of something less clear to the casual observer than derivative reform.? Well, want the quick and dirty?? Here it is.

This is a sorry, sad old man, Tom Charles, nursing a grudge about his wife’s non-promotion, on a resentful, pathetic vendetta against civilian control of the highway patrol, […]

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I wrote up the taping here.? And here’s the full episode.? If all you do is watch the first 3 minutes, you’ll be fine.? Nothing is more Cleveland.? On earth.

When I watch this, I’m reminded how great local TV in Cleveland once was.? Not many people remember, but Cleveland was a pioneer TV town.? Apparently, the action has moved to the internet.? That’s a very good thing.

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