I got home around 3am on Friday morning to find my wife asleep with the TV on CNN showing this…

If you need some incentive to click through, here it is: it’s Anderson Cooper, not exactly the most aggressive interviewer of all time, stepping up and pushing back against a crazy birther lawyer and his ‘client’ Lt Col Terry Lakin who says he won’t go back to Afghanistan for his second deployment because he hasn’t seen the presidents birth certificate.

I actually kind of feel sorry for the guy. He’s really just being used as a pawn in this game by the birthers. The Lt Col obviously doesn’t want to go back to a war zone – and I can totally understand and respect that. But AS a Lt Col I’d also expect him to have a little more training in basic chess moves.

Listen, Terry: you’re just being used by these assholes. They don’t care about you. They just want to further their own agenda. They really don’t care if they screw you over and destroy your long military career. As a matter of fact, they are probably hoping that happens because it will also make for a great talking point on their next round of anti-Obama fliers: “PROOF Obama is an illegal alien: Army Lt Col discharged for questioning President’s birth certificate”.

I feel even more sorry for Anderson Cooper though. He has to sit through this lawyer’s crap and actually pretend like he is conducting a serious interview with a sane person. I have an amazing amount of respect for professional interviewers like Anderson primarily because my patience for ignorance and stupidity, especially in extreme cases like with this lawyer guy, is severely limited.

I do have a standard set of responses to people like this, as any well-adjusted person should. I always find it’s best to deal with retarded fuck-knobs like this birther lawyer the same way you’d deal with a loud and obnoxious drunk…

Step one: ignore them and hope they go away.
Step two: mock them incessantly and hope they go away.
Step three: actually go away yourself.

(there is also a step four that involves physical violence and sometimes precedes step three – but for the purposes of this post we’ll assume there are only three steps.)

Anderson pursues the other response option for which I am completely not wired: rational and reasoned responses to irrational and unreasonable arguments.

In the end, the nutjob lawyer comes across looking like – well – a nutjob. The Lt Col comes across looking like a spineless, manipulated deer caught in Humvee headlights. And, crazy as it sounds, Anderson Cooper comes across looking like the sanest man in the room.