Make no mistake, folks. The Governor has pepper. Lots of it. It was apparent when we talked to him on primary election night and it’s apparent in this Politico interview. Ted is going to hammer away at John Kasich for the duration.

?If I were John Kasich running against me, I would?ve run as a moderate Republican. He?s running as a Tea Party candidate. Maybe he worked long enough at Fox to become a true believer,?

LOL. True believer. That one got me. Who is John Kasich? Is he a Tea Bagging right-wing ideologue or is he a moderate Republican with Ohio values or is he a Wall Street bought and paid for shill? I’m not sure we know just yet. We do know what we don’t know and that’s quite a bit. We’re not exactly into transparency over there in Kasich Kamp.

He challenged Kasich to explain why he received a $400,000 bonus in 2008 for his work at Lehman Brothers while thousands of Ohioans lost millions of dollars in their pensions. He said Kasich failed the test of transparency by refusing to release his income tax returns. And he chastised the Republican’s plan to eliminate the state?s income tax ? which by his estimate comprises 46 percent of state revenue ? without addressing how he would maintain integral state services.

I’m actually pretty surprised at the aggressive tone this early, but very happy with it. It puts Kasich clearly on the defensive and requires an actual debate about the issues we’ve been asking about. His tax returns, ties to Wall Street, Lehman Brothers, and an irresponsible tax scheme that is all rhetoric.

I continue to think this aggressive stance and defining Kasich out of the gate is a good move on the part of Team Strickland. Keep it up all. Your candidate is leading the way.