Matt Naugle is notorious in Ohio political circles for doing two things: 1. Shopping any and all oppo given to him by the GOP and 2. Attacking the families of his political adversaries personally. If you pay any amount of attention to Matt you know he has what can only be called a crush on Sandy Theis, someone who is known to most in Ohio politics. Matt has one of those punch you and run away crushes on Sandy.

This past week Matt decided again to go personal. He posted this on his Twitter account:

The link goes to a YouTube video of Tammy Wynette’s “Divorce”. Funny, right? He followed minutes later with this:

It’s one thing to go after someone for political reasons. It’s all together something different to attack them by exposing personal details of their life that are most likely very hard and emotional things. Congratulations, Matt. You fucking lowlife scumbag. You continue to build your own credibility as a fucktard extraordinaire. That’s my opinion. Let’s hear from someone else close to the situation. Apparently Sandy’s son, who is serving in Afghanistan as we speak, got wind of this attack on his mother. He sent me this in response to Matt in a recent email:

My name is SPC Zachary Hust and I am serving in Afghanistan. I also happen to be the son of Sandy Theis. Mr. Naugle’s recent decision to use Twitter to exploit my mother’s pending divorce for political gain is disgusting. Mean-spirited comments such as these do nothing for the conservative movement, other than expose its dark side.

My mother raised my sister and I to appreciate the good in people and the greatness of America. That is why I chose to serve my country, that’s why my sister is an honor student at Ohio State and that’s why we both are supporting our mom during this difficult time. I love politics and believe the banter that takes place on blogs is essential to the preservation of democracy. I just wish Mr. Naugle had a filter that allowed him to focus on issues of importance, rather than employ cheap attacks.

If I were Zach I would not have been so generous and measured in my response to someone attacking my mother in this way. He seems like a good kid and doesn’t deserve to have a wingnut shithead of a blogger attack his mother while he’s serving in an armed forces this same blogger praises while being unwilling – or unable – to serve. Matt has been getting all puffed up in the chest about being seen firing a WWI water-cooled 50 caliber machine gun. I wonder if he knows he can hump one of those daily with the full support of Uncle Same. Unlimited ammo. I guess it’s easier to hit the farm gun range from time to time and demolish an old minivan than it is to suit up and defend the country.

It’s also easier to sit and muster keyboard courage to attack the families of actual heroes who do put on the uniform and serve in distance lands to protect the rights of a conservative asshole blogger who finds it best to attack your mother with cheap shots during a vulnerable and emotional time in her life.

Thanks Zachary for all you do defending our country while having to put up with such disgusting attacks on your family back at home. Stay safe and come home safe to see your mom and give her a hug. I think she could use one.

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  • Shalom Eric,

    Come on, a good soldier never telegraphs his moves.

    Be afraid, Matt. Be very afraid.



  • some day, naugle is going to cross the wrong person. may have already done it. but that clock is certainly ticking.

  • mvirenicus

    naugle is a very reasonable and conservative young man with a bright future in the free market. never mind all the creepy shit.

  • SPC Zachary C Hust

    I think it's sad that Mr. Naugle is now questioning my sexuality. Last time I checked, standing up for free speech is the right thing to do. Now I am in Afghanistan doing the same thing while Mr. Naugle sits stateside and criticizes my family and I.

  • I saw the latest Twitter smear. Makes me feel glad that I invoked fucktard when discussing this douchebag. He is a sad little kid.

  • mvirenicus

    c'mon. really. who reads that creep? handful of nuts? PB bloggers? lol the only time i head over there is when you guys point out some of his stupidity and/or creepiness.

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