Well, it’s Rasmussen.? But when a poll that has been the most favorable polls for Republicans in Ohio shows they’re campaigns are faltering, you cannot ignore it.

Regardless, it shows that just days after winning the Senate Democratic primary, Lee Fisher is now running even with Portman in a general election match up.? Rasmussen was the only poll still consistently showing Portman with a general election advantage.? Just a month ago, Rasmussen notes it showed Portman with a seven point lead.

They show no real movement since last month in the gubernatorial race, which is also in a statistic tie.

There’s the Republican tidal wave you’ve been hearing from the Carpetblogger.

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  • I think the more Ohio learns about both Kasich and Portman the less they'll like. It could be a long summer. I expect a tough battle. I mean, Kasich is no Blackwell. That shit was easy.

  • tonyrobinson78

    I personally voted for Strickland in 2006 partially because I thought he may benefit Scioto county where he is from. I also have lived my entire life in Scioto county. So far his policies seem bad for business. That is not the only reason I am voting for John Kasich this year. I have reviewed Strickland's record as Governor and l learned about John Kasich. After that I have came to the conclusion that Kasich would be a much better and more honorable Governor

  • mvirenicus

    how have strickland's policies been bad for business, tony?

  • I know where you're going with this, mvirenicus, so I'll chime in: In short, Ted Strickland has been no worse for business than his predecessor, Bob Taft. There you go. Awesome rallying cry. “I'm not worse than Taft.”

    The problem for Ted Strickland this year is that our state's unemployment rate is double that which he 'inherited' after winning a campaign in which he promised to 'turn around' our state's economy without offering any specificity as to exactly how he would do this. Right or wrong, John Kasich will do the same thing this year. Wouldn't you, if you wanted to be governor? That's how you win in Ohio. That's how we get do-nothing governors like Ted Strickland, Bob Taft and George Voinovich.

    The great irony is that Ted Strickland made these rules.His whining about them when Kasich (another empty suit, careerist-type, unfortunately) starts running TV ads will be almost as laughable as Lee Fisher talking about “ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas” (General Motors, for example) as though Barack Obama were not President and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were not the House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader. Laughable.

    Democrats are reminding me these days of the dog that finally caught the car. “We won…now what do we do?”

  • mvirenicus

    i'll vote for strickland if the polls immediately prior to election day are indicating a razor-thin race for governor. loved your comment in general.

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