Ok, let’s talk Troopergate.? I know, I know, no one gives a flying fuck.? It’s hard to care about the latest twisted manufactured outrage the rat’s nest of Ohio’s rightwingnutosphere is seized with from day to day.? I know.

But it’s starting to look like Ohio Inspector General Tom Charles, a giant of Ohio politics, an Ohio lawman whose integrity has never been questioned, a near-institution who both Republican and Democratic administrations have genuflected to for decades, yes, that Tom Charles, is about to….how to put this…..explode in a giant supernova.? How fun!

And that means all your favorite wingnut bloggers, whose panties have been in a twist over a non-scandal they themselves are trying to create, may soon be out on a limb which Tom Charles saws right off himself.? Now, don’t worry your pretty little heads about the ins and outs of “Troopergate” just yet, you’ll have plenty of people making it easy for you soon enough.? Just get ready to enjoy watching every right wing blogger in Ohio try to squirm out of it.? I know I’m excited, you should be too!

In the meantime, it has come to Plunderbund’s attention that Tom Charles is currently obsessed with our very own Brian Hester, i.e. Modern Esquire.? I suppose the Ohio Inspector General running around Columbus asking about a blogger by name is supposed to somehow intimidate said blogger.? Well, I got news for Tom Charles.

You picked the wrong blogger, at the wrong blog, with the wrong co-bloggers, to try to intimidate.? Real.? Bad.? Idea. Tough guy.?? The trappings of power you wrap yourself in, Mr. Charles, don’t impress us.? As your career proves, Mr. Charles, these trappings you cling to certainly impress you; getting driven around town by a state trooper, in a shiny patrol vehicle, surrounded by armed men, giving you the total “confidence” to think your mere utterance of a blogger’s name will somehow scare said blogger.? But that’s just you being stupid.

Stay tuned!? I know I will!

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