From the daily archives: Friday, May 7, 2010

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Now that I’m coming around to giving a shit about this story, a quote from OIG Tom Charles caught my eye.? When asked about his rather blatant conflict of interest – namely, investigating someone who recently gave a promotion to someone not his wife? – Charles admits the conflict, then claims he dispensed with the conflict before he issued his report, a report which he claims he had nothing to do with at all.

?I stayed as far away from it as I could just for those reasons,? Charles said. ?I read it and signed it, that?s all true. […]

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Well, it’s Rasmussen.? But when a poll that has been the most favorable polls for Republicans in Ohio shows they’re campaigns are faltering, you cannot ignore it.

Regardless, it shows that just days after winning the Senate Democratic primary, Lee Fisher is now running even with Portman in a general election match up.? Rasmussen was the only poll still consistently showing Portman with a general election advantage.? Just a month ago, Rasmussen notes it showed Portman with a seven point lead.

They show no real movement since last month in the gubernatorial race, which is also […]

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Matt Naugle is notorious in Ohio political circles for doing two things: 1. Shopping any and all oppo given to him by the GOP and 2. Attacking the families of his political adversaries personally. If you pay any amount of attention to Matt you know he has what can only be called a crush on Sandy Theis, someone who is known to most in Ohio politics. Matt has one of those punch you and run away crushes on Sandy.

This past week Matt decided again to go personal. He posted this on his Twitter account:

The link […]

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Make no mistake, folks. The Governor has pepper. Lots of it. It was apparent when we talked to him on primary election night and it’s apparent in this Politico interview. Ted is going to hammer away at John Kasich for the duration.

?If I were John Kasich running against me, I would?ve run as a moderate Republican. He?s running as a Tea Party candidate. Maybe he worked long enough at Fox to become a true believer,?

LOL. True believer. That one got me. Who is John Kasich? Is he a Tea Bagging right-wing ideologue or is he a […]

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Notice that Randy Ludlow isn’t on this byline.

The Columbus Dispatch?details the problems Ohio’s prisons are having since the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections banned tobacco in all state prisons.

The story largely focuses on the Pickaway Correctional Institution, the same prison as the honor inmates who worked at the Governor’s Mansion, but it makes it clear that the problem is broader than just the Governor’s Mansion:

Inside the prison, a single hand-rolled cigarette can sell for $10; a pack of cigarettes might go for $200; and a can of loose tobacco can fetch up to $300.


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The Cleveland Plain Dealer today details the flaws in Inspector General Thomas Charles’ report rather than cover the substance of his unprecedented press release yesterday in which Charles attempted to make a new case to support his allegation that Ohio Department of Public Safety Acting Director Cathy Collins-Taylor lied under oath.? Except the eight pages of selected partial quotes (taking out all context of the statements) itself contradicts Charles’ claims.?

For example, it included a quote from Col. Dicken in which Dicken corroborates Collins-Taylor’s testimony that it was Dicken, not Collins-Taylor, that decided to scale back the operation.? […]

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Ok, let’s talk Troopergate.? I know, I know, no one gives a flying fuck.? It’s hard to care about the latest twisted manufactured outrage the rat’s nest of Ohio’s rightwingnutosphere is seized with from day to day.? I know.

But it’s starting to look like Ohio Inspector General Tom Charles, a giant of Ohio politics, an Ohio lawman whose integrity has never been questioned, a near-institution who both Republican and Democratic administrations have genuflected to for decades, yes, that Tom Charles, is about to….how to put this…..explode in a giant supernova.? How fun!

And that means all your favorite […]

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