So the biggest complaint from the right about Team Strickland’s first ad was that it recycled content from a previous ad.

At least the company that produced the ad owned the content that was recycled. The NRSC, however. Well…not so much. They hit Fisher with a web ad that borrowed content they didn’t own. They ripped it off from popular Ohio poliblog BSB. David Potts at BSB posted on the content lifting without attribution yesterday and followed up with a press release today with news they have asked YouTube to pull the ad down.

As far as the content of the web ad, I think it is perfect to get the online base all riled up. It wouldn’t play with the general electorate and would most likely backfire, but most of them will probably never see it. It’s well played, really. Overall a pretty good political move. I actually laughed pretty hard at it. Lee does have a huge jobs problem and everyone knew it. I’m sure this is just the first shot in a continuing volley of jobs attacks. Nothing surprising about this at all. It will be interesting to see the response from our side.

I understand why the NRSC wouldn’t want to attribute the content to a liberal Ohio blog, but I thought Republicans were law and order types? We’ll see if they pull it down or edit it to give attribution. Hopefully BSB will continue to stick up for it’s intellectual property.

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