On Tuesday, the Columbus Dispatch, had almost the entire front page, above fold headline “Governor hits back at Inspector General.”

Among the items the story covered:

  • Questions about whether Collins could be accused for lying under oath simply for disagreeing with the Inspector General about when the decision to scale back the sting was made.
  • Collins-Taylor clearly stated to investigators that she meant Strickland when she referred to potential embarrassment for “the boss,” and did not obfuscate, as the report implied.
  • Charles’ own depositions contradict Charles’ claim that the sting “was safe, well-planned and routine.”
  • Charles wife, Bridgette, is a patrol captain. Charles had recommended her boss for the superintendent’s job.

Gee, where have we heard this before?

I’ve also been told from multiple sources in Columbus that Thomas Charles is freaking out over ME.? Me, a lil’ harmless lil’ blogger and his magical laptop.

Thomas Charles, notorious leaker, is ironically asking around town about me.? Throwing around wild (and untrue) accusations of who my sources are.? Completely unaware that the only thing that’s embarassing Thomas Charles’ investigation is… Thomas Charles’ investigation.? I didn’t need someone

And I’m told that there is a growing groundswell of criticism coming his way.? Bill Seitz isn’t going to be the only Republican in Columbus at the end of the day trying to warn his party away from tying their fate up to Thomas Charles’ flawed report.

It’s been nearly two weeks since the report has been issued, and yet no media outlet has reported one rather significant aspect of just how little credibility Charles’ report has.

Despite his allegations of criminal conduct, multiple sources have told me that Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, roughly a month BEFORE the report was even issued had already told Charles he had no criminal case.

To date, not one mainstream media outlet has reported that Ron O’Brien, a Republican county prosecutor, had already looked at Charles investigation and said, “nope.”

Seems like that would be a rather significant detail to mention for folks to consider how much weight Charles’ unfounded allegations should be afforded.

Charles has skated by over 12 years being largely unquestioned.? He’s built a political fiefdom like a small-town version of J. Edgar Hoover.? His history of threatening folks who refused to go his way is legendary in Columbus, although has gone largely unreported.

I’ve got a feeling that’s starting to change.? And so does Thomas Charles.? And that’s why he’s trying to figure out how he can resist a blogger bringing him into the sunlight for a change.? Good luck.