The Inspector General just issued this press release, sensing that the media was starting to realize that his report was flawed.

Just two days ago, Charles told the Columbus Dispatch:

“Let the public read it and make their own determination,” Charles said, declining to comment on the assertions made by Strickland and Saxbe.

Today?  Charles goes on the defensive.  And in so doing, he changes his story from his report.  The fact is that Dicken testified, under oath, that he made the decision to scale back the investigation, and nothing in Charles’ press release contradicts that.  In fact the last part of the attached document to today’s release confirms that Dicken said it was his decision.  And yet, Charles reported that it was Collins-Taylor.

Charles can recycling his talking points in as many press releases as he wants.  However, the problem is that he had shown all of this to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien (R) over a month ago, and O’Brien told Charles’ office that he wouldn’t even present this stuff to a grand jury.