It doesn’t take a Magic 8 Ball? to answer this one. They’re either stupendous idiots or deliberately misleading. They think this guy is our governor:

Unfortunately, Interior chief of staff Ted Strickland wasn?t in the warm waters of the Gulf, but in the Grand Canyon on what the White House called a business-related trip.

Odd. Jake Tapper (who Ed Morrissey quotes) calls the above dude “Tom Strickland”. Because that’s his name. This is Ted Strickland, our Governor and recent guest on our BTR PlunderChat:

See why blogging gets a bad name? When you don’t know Ted from Tom you need to quit. I notice Morrissey is corrected in the comments and he still hasn’t updated his post.

Oh, and your hopes of a Katrina-lite are not going to pan out. 😉

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