I’m a big fan of the Demon Sheep. For those who missed this the first time around, The Demon Sheep made it’s first appearance on the web in a commercial by the Fiorina campaign in her primary battle with Tom Campbell and Tea Pary? backed Chuck DeVore to become the Republican nominee for in California for U.S. Senate to run against Barbara Boxer. It was, to use a single word, fantastic!

Now we have the sequel. This time from the DSCC:

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  • mvirenicus

    i like sheep. they're not as cool as goats but equally competent in the crucial head butting department.

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  • Shalom Eric,

    No doubt, the ad is brilliant, but it deeply disturbs me to think that we ought to be portraying voters as sheep.



    p.s. but she does have sarah's blessing…

  • mvirenicus

    portraying people as sheep in any way is deeply offensive to sheep. i don't think you could get sheep to participate in a system where two major parties each pull a candidate out of their arse, package them and sell them using the latest and greatest marketing techniques, and very few of the sheep can actually explain the difference between those candidates when asked to do so.

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