Looks like labor in Ohio is about to make an example out of Zack Space.

Some labor leaders have been frustrated that Space hasn?t paid any price for changing his vote from ?yes? to ?no? for what they see as?politically opportunistic reasons. The announcement is part of an effort to demonstrate to the second-termer in a reddish district ? and to other vulnerable Democrats who voted ‘no’ on the bill ? that they?re serious.

Becky Williams, the president of SEIU District 1199, has begun encouraging those who care about the health care law to ?Skip a Space? on the ballot in November, withholding their votes and rescinding their support.

?The key message is he can?t have a pass,? Williams said. ?Even though it went through because of the courage of other leaders, Zack Space doesn?t get a pass on it. We were very clear on that.?

And there’s video!? A very happy bit of full disclosure – I did a consulting contract with CWA last summer to help them train up on viral video.? One of the students in that class produced this video and sent it along.? This is one proud teacher!

So Zack, here’s a little heads up.? This viral video trainer don’t fuck around.? When I train someone to do viral video, and that someone is in your district, and they have a reason to be a bit salty with you, well…… if I were you, I’d be real worried.

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