From the daily archives: Thursday, May 6, 2010

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I’m a big fan of the Demon Sheep. For those who missed this the first time around, The Demon Sheep made it’s first appearance on the web in a commercial by the Fiorina campaign in her primary battle with Tom Campbell and Tea Pary? backed Chuck DeVore to become the Republican nominee for in California for U.S. Senate to run against Barbara Boxer. It was, to use a single word, fantastic!

Now we have the sequel. This time from the DSCC:

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Jimmy Dimora and PD’s Henry Gomez dance a ballet of idiocy.

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BSB getting some nice traffic today at the expense of Matt Naugle and the RNSC.? Great job David.

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“Astroturf has never been so transparent

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It doesn’t take a Magic 8 Ball? to answer this one. They’re either stupendous idiots or deliberately misleading. They think this guy is our governor:

Unfortunately, Interior chief of staff Ted Strickland wasn?t in the warm waters of the Gulf, but in the Grand Canyon on what the White House called a business-related trip.

Odd. Jake Tapper (who Ed Morrissey quotes) calls the above dude “Tom Strickland”. Because that’s his name. This is Ted Strickland, our Governor and recent guest on our BTR PlunderChat:

See why blogging gets a bad name? When you […]

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The Inspector General just issued this press release, sensing that the media was starting to realize that his report was flawed.

Just two days ago, Charles told the Columbus Dispatch:

“Let the public read it and make their own determination,” Charles said, declining to comment on the assertions made by Strickland and Saxbe.

Today?  Charles goes on the defensive.  And in so doing, he changes his story from his report.  The fact is that Dicken testified, under oath, that he made the decision to scale back the investigation, and nothing in Charles’ press release contradicts that.  […]

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So the biggest complaint from the right about Team Strickland’s first ad was that it recycled content from a previous ad.

At least the company that produced the ad owned the content that was recycled. The NRSC, however. Well…not so much. They hit Fisher with a web ad that borrowed content they didn’t own. They ripped it off from popular Ohio poliblog BSB. David Potts at BSB posted on the content lifting without attribution yesterday and followed up with a press release today with news they have asked YouTube to pull the ad down.

As […]

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On Tuesday, the Columbus Dispatch, had almost the entire front page, above fold headline “Governor hits back at Inspector General.”

Among the items the story covered:

Questions about whether Collins could be accused for lying under oath simply for disagreeing with the Inspector General about when the decision to scale back the sting was made. Collins-Taylor clearly stated to investigators that she meant Strickland when she referred to potential embarrassment for “the boss,” and did not obfuscate, as the report implied. Charles’ own depositions contradict Charles’ claim that the sting “was safe, well-planned and routine.” Charles wife, Bridgette, […]

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Looks like labor in Ohio is about to make an example out of Zack Space.

Some labor leaders have been frustrated that Space hasn?t paid any price for changing his vote from ?yes? to ?no? for what they see as?politically opportunistic reasons. The announcement is part of an effort to demonstrate to the second-termer in a reddish district ? and to other vulnerable Democrats who voted ‘no’ on the bill ? that they?re serious.

Becky Williams, the president of SEIU District 1199, has begun encouraging those who care about the health care law to ?Skip a Space? […]

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