Brunner-Fisher map

(Source: Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s office)

Here’s the map of Ohio showing the unofficial results of yesterday’s Senate Democratic primary.

See that dark blue corner in the SWO?? That was Brunner country last night.? It also happens to be Rob Portman country.

See SEO?? That’s almost the entire 6th Congressional district as well as much of Zach Space’s district.? That’s where Republicans typically try to run up the score to offset Cuyahoga County.

See NWO?? That’s Brunner’s third regional base.? That’s his third trouble spot. He’s particularly got to get the Democrats in Wood, Sandusky, and Seneca on board.

Those are three areas that Lee Fisher cannot afford to have weak Democratic support in.? He’s going to have to spend time and resources making sure that before the general election he gets the Democrats there on board and fired up for the general election.

Fisher could win Hamilton County.? He must keep Wood County in the Democratic column.? And he has to prevent Portman from running away with SEO.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the Republicans off set the Democratic majorities in Cuyahoga County by carrying Hamilton County and running up the score in SEO.

This is the Portman strategy, and Portman is going to give it a run in the Franklin County area.

The good news for Fisher is that Democrats are strong in Hamilton County.? David Pepper, expect a call from Lee.

And while Space might have a race on his hands (although, we’ve heard that before), Wilson really does not.? Fisher can also make inroads as SEO is Strickland country.? So he’s got potential friends to help him in these regions that Democrats largely lacked in the 1990s beyond Strickland, who was a perennial national Congressional target.

But he’s not going to win the general election like he did the primary.? T.V. doesn’t work in SEO, you’ve got to go retail.? I’d start getting the SEO county fairs on your schedule now, Lee.? Buy a sheep from a 4-H kid.? Seriously.? It’ll make the papers.? People will just think you’re the salt of the earth.

Look at the map Lee.? And don’t wait until the fall to deal with this.? Campaign like the primary isn’t over.? You’re going to need these Brunner Democrats in November.