Back when started their lawsuit to protect the names of their contributors The Dispatch reported

…the court also delayed a subpoena issued to Norm Cummings, identified as a consultant for living in Colorado. Cummings and Crawford had argued that Brunner cannot issue subpoenas out of state.

Cummings, as we’ve recently noted, has been living and working on a campaign out in Colorado for the past year.

It’s hard to really track where he really lives though.

He may be living and working in Colorado now but he and his wife have registered home and business addresses all over the DC area as well as owning a house in Columbus.

The funny thing about that house in Columbus: Norm is claiming the Owner Occupied property tax Reduction of 2.5% for it.

According to the auditor’s office to receive the 2.5% homestead tax reduction:

  • you must own and occupy your home as your principal place of residence
  • A person only has one principal place of residence.
  • Your principal place of residence determines, among other things, where you are registered to vote and where you declare residency for income tax purposes.

Since Norm obviously lives, votes and pays his income taxes in Ohio this kind of makes’s argument against issuing subpoenas out of state moot, right?

So did lie when they claimed Norm Cummings was living out of state?

Or did Norm Cummings lie to Franklin County in order to receive an undeserved tax reduction?

Hell if I know. Maybe all three. Maybe none of the above.

But there always seems to be something shady about the groups Norm Cummings chooses to hang with. And is no exception.

And now that the Supreme Court turned down their request to block Jennifer Brunner’s subpoenas, hopefully we’ll find out at least some of their dirty little secrets very soon.

(ht to micmac over at palingates for the tip)