Last night, while sucking down as much hot Earl Gray I could to keep my voice going and trying to keep things going, I got distracted and failed to make a promised programming note during our live broadcast.

We originally announced that we planned on having the campaign manager of Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s office on last night’s primary night coverage.? However, we received word that he had a family emergency came up and we told him to, of course, not worry about us.

I promised the campaign that we’d mention why they weren’t on, and I simply plain forgot.? Rookie mistake.

We’ve got an open commitment to have them on the blog in the future and we will, of course, continue to talk about bank lobbyist and serial liar Steve Stivers.

I, again, want to thank all of our guests last night for taking time out to call in and everyone who listened and participated in our broadcast.

I also want to thank Eric would was working wonders while we struggled against some ghosts in the machine.

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