We now know just what it takes for Tim Russo to watch his candidate lose a primary on a Tuesday, then come to the defense of the victor the following Wednesday.? It takes Mark Naymik.

Maybe Mark Naymik is trying hard to paper over his track record during the primary of taking Lee Fisher’s attacks against Jennifer Brunner, swallowing them whole, and regurgitating them verbatim.? Because now, that’s precisely what he’s doing for Rob Portman, proving yet again that Republicans have reporters like Naymik on Pavlovian speed dial for literally any horse shit attack Republicans want to pitch.

In what can only be accurately described as an audition to be a porn reviewer, Naymik today essentially becomes Matt Naugle.? I’m not kidding.? It’s that bad.

The ad manipulates an image of a sleepy and shirtless Fisher ? seated in his home office with one arm on his chest and one below his waist ? giving the impression that the former attorney general is?giving himself a … well … youdecide.

Ha.?? Ha.

Okay. I know what you are thinking: The Plain Dealer is watching way too many videos on-line.

No, actually, what I’m thinking is that Mark Naymik needs to get laid.? Fast.

But the image is complemented by some sexy-sounding music and captions that read “He didn’t get the job done” and “He was more concerned about his job than yours.”

Mark Naymik is the top political reporter at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.? Not kidding.

The full scene shows Fisher at night complaining to his son about the campaign’s lack of “clear and concise” message. Last year, the scene was edited and posted by a Fisher critic on YouTube, quickly going viral within political circles. The Democratic National Senatorial Committee also released an Internet?adtoday — but it is totally boring.

Repeat.? Mark Naymik is the top political reporter at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

It pushes the tired message that Portman is a Wall Street cheerleader and there’s no nudity –

Once more, with feeling.? Mark Naymik is the top political reporter at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.? They must be proud.


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