I’m supposed to be worried because John Kasich’s 88-county GOTV full throated effort netted him only 100,000 more votes in his primary when compared to the Strickland campaign which ran no GOTV at all?

I’m supposed to still be concerned about a Tea Party movement that the Ohio GOP doesn’t worry about?

The GOP Auditor and Secretary of State primaries were ho-hum, even though the State GOP had to have spent over $1 million influencing those primaries?? Which, of course, is less money than they’ll have for the general election.

John Kasich best response to Ted Strickland’s ad really is to link himself to the McCain campaign that voters rejected just two years ago while complaining that they aren’t featuring the other Ohioans who have lost their jobs due to Kasich’s policies in Congress?

In case you missed it, the GOP did turn out a bigger percentage of their base, but their base is still roughly half the size of the Democratic base in Ohio.

Why was Democratic turnout lower?

  1. The polls in the race in the final weeks showed a 20-point blowout. That would make any turnout difficult.
  2. A huge segment (40%) of the base was undecided and simply decided that way.

Taken combined, it’s not surprising.

Governor Strickland last night got roughly the same amount of votes in his uncontested primary that he got four years ago in his virtually uncontested primary.

More Republicans cast primary ballots in 2006 than Democrats did in 2006.? More Republicans cast primary ballots in 2006 than they did last night.? Substantially so.

How did 2006 turn out for them again??