A week ago I attended a forum on the role of the county council in the new Cuyahoga County government, and I asked Judy Rawson, a self-proclaimed “framer” of the new county charter if there are any records of the discussions leading up to the drafting of the charter, specifically regarding the role of the county council.? Rawson answered, “There are no written records.”

I asked why.? Rawson said, “because we were all volunteers, and no one thought we were gonna succeed.”? I then ask who the “we” is when Rawson refers to “we” discussed this and that regarding the new charter.? Rawson then lists herself, Marcia Fudge, Harriett Applegate, Eugene Kramer, a “number of mayors”, and calls it a “pretty diverse group”.? Fudge and Applegate both endorsed against the new charter, and instead endorsed competing Issue 5.

I ask again, “there’s no record of the drafting of this charter?”? Rawson answers again, “that’s right.”

Here’s the video.? It should start at the right point when you press play.