From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

(Source: Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s office)

Here’s the map of Ohio showing the unofficial results of yesterday’s Senate Democratic primary.

See that dark blue corner in the SWO?? That was Brunner country last night.? It also happens to be Rob Portman country.

See SEO?? That’s almost the entire 6th Congressional district as well as much of Zach Space’s district.? That’s where Republicans typically try to run up the score to offset Cuyahoga County.

See NWO?? That’s Brunner’s third regional base.? That’s his third trouble spot. He’s particularly got to get the Democrats in Wood, Sandusky, […]

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I’m supposed to be worried because John Kasich’s 88-county GOTV full throated effort netted him only 100,000 more votes in his primary when compared to the Strickland campaign which ran no GOTV at all?

I’m supposed to still be concerned about a Tea Party movement that the Ohio GOP doesn’t worry about?

The GOP Auditor and Secretary of State primaries were ho-hum, even though the State GOP had to have spent over $1 million influencing those primaries?? Which, of course, is less money than they’ll have for the general election.

John Kasich best response to Ted Strickland’s ad really is […]

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The conservative mantra of supply-side economics (aka, the current mantra of “the cure for everything is a tax cut”) is completely silly (and obviously so for anyone paying the least amount of attention in the last 30 years). And yet, the brainless scarecrows of the current GOP keep repeating the “tax cuts” mantra like a broken record.

Finally, a conservative commentator (from NRO, amazingly – the home of Jonah “Liberal Fascism” Goldberg) is pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.

It is true that tax cuts can promote growth, and that the growth they promote can help […]

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Last night, while sucking down as much hot Earl Gray I could to keep my voice going and trying to keep things going, I got distracted and failed to make a promised programming note during our live broadcast.

We originally announced that we planned on having the campaign manager of Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s office on last night’s primary night coverage.? However, we received word that he had a family emergency came up and we told him to, of course, not worry about us.

I promised the campaign that we’d mention why they weren’t on, and I simply plain forgot.? […]

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We now know just what it takes for Tim Russo to watch his candidate lose a primary on a Tuesday, then come to the defense of the victor the following Wednesday.? It takes Mark Naymik.

Maybe Mark Naymik is trying hard to paper over his track record during the primary of taking Lee Fisher’s attacks against Jennifer Brunner, swallowing them whole, and regurgitating them verbatim.? Because now, that’s precisely what he’s doing for Rob Portman, proving yet again that Republicans have reporters like Naymik on Pavlovian speed dial for literally any horse shit attack Republicans want to pitch.

In what […]

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I wanted to get this up quickly as some have asked about it. Below is the audio of our PlunderChat segment with Governor Strickland:


Full archive of the show:

You’ll note I edited out the big “off air” segment we experienced. More on that later.

[Note: Because I uploaded an edited archive, the full BTR archive may just spin until the file is crunched.]

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A week ago I attended a forum on the role of the county council in the new Cuyahoga County government, and I asked Judy Rawson, a self-proclaimed “framer” of the new county charter if there are any records of the discussions leading up to the drafting of the charter, specifically regarding the role of the county council.? Rawson answered, “There are no written records.”

I asked why.? Rawson said, “because we were all volunteers, and no one thought we were gonna succeed.”? I then ask who the “we” is when Rawson refers to “we” discussed this and that regarding the […]

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Back when started their lawsuit to protect the names of their contributors The Dispatch reported

…the court also delayed a subpoena issued to Norm Cummings, identified as a consultant for living in Colorado. Cummings and Crawford had argued that Brunner cannot issue subpoenas out of state.

Cummings, as we’ve recently noted, has been living and working on a campaign out in Colorado for the past year.

It’s hard to really track where he really lives though.

He may be living and working in Colorado now but he and his wife have registered home […]

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