No answer at all. So what do they do? Attack the messenger. Almost en masse they all jump on the finding that the subject in the ad was also in another ad. You bet she was. She’s a former steelworker in Dayton who lost her job as a result of disastrous Republican policies. Her ad in 2008 was to oppose John McCain’s campaign.

Isn’t it telling that Team Strickland is using these same themes to counter Kasich? Wanna know why? Kasich = McCain. John Kasich is proposing the same thing for Ohio that John McCain and George W. Bush represented. Does Kasich and his folks want to talk about why Meghan lost her job? Nope. What about why others in Ohio lost theirs? Again. Hell no. They just want to blame Ted and he’s apparently not going to let them get away with it.

The Ohio people rejected McCain and they’re also going to reject John Kasich. If the only criticism by the right of the ad is to attack the messenger – who, by the way is a real person and not an actress like some claimed – then they are in big trouble. When you can’t counter the substance of the charge, you smear and flail about.

Let the flailing begin!

  • Patrick Kelly

    Let's not forget who brought us trade with China and NAFTA, it was Bill Clinton. Remember him? Democratic President of The United States 1993-2001. Remember him selling American workers down the Yalu river for a couple of dollars worth of coffee fundraisers for the Democratic Party? How about the Chinese fundraiser who allowed the Clinton Administration to sell valuable missle technology to the Communists for a few campaign dollars?

    And, did not the Democratic Party control one or both houses of Congress while China MFN and NAFTA went through? Think so, folks. While we are reviewing history, didn't President Obama say he was going to renegotiate NAFTA and end “tax breaks that send jobs overseas?” Yes to both, and neither has happened. It won't, it was just a cheap ploy to win votes, as is this TV ad.

    Let's give credit where credit is due. President Clinton and Congressional Democrats are equally responsible for killing Ohio jobs. They taxed and regulated the daylights out of American business, AND opened up low wage Mexico and China to destroy manufacturing. Let's talk about all the story, not just part of it. At least Kasich was against the massive tax hikes and regulations that allowed the other shoe to drop on American workers.

  • adrienne

    Saw that ad, excellent definition of the opponent. Hard for Kasich to run away from that “Lehman brothers” wall street banker moniker. Also, is he going to run the state like he ran Lehman brothers …..down into the ground?

  • john_edwards

    we're gonna see a lot of attacks on kasich, since strickland won't be able to run any commercials on his own record. kapow!

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