Given that Seth Morgan didn’t win the early vote in his home county of Montgomery County, I’m calling this GOP primary for State Auditor.

Also early votes are overwhelming favoring Husted.  Unless these early votes are somehow unrepresentative of the GOP primary electorate at large, it looks like they’re cruising to an easy victory.

This is based on my analysis of the early vote totals in Franklin, Montgomery, and Lake counties.

In other news, Brunner narrowly won the early vote in Franklin County, but lost the early vote in Montgomery County by 60-40.

  • anastasjoy

    Anyone checked to see if Geoffrey Sea is still alive and didn't cut his throat when they called the race for Surya?

  • 😉 what's up with that district and drama?

  • anastasjoy

    He's alive! He just posting another hilarious screed on DailyKos this morning, predicting dire doom for Democrats everywhere, especially his much hated Strickland.

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