From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It’s at Brothers Lounge at 116th & Detroit.

So stop by and see Tim.

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Given that Seth Morgan didn’t win the early vote in his home county of Montgomery County, I’m calling this GOP primary for State Auditor.

Also early votes are overwhelming favoring Husted.  Unless these early votes are somehow unrepresentative of the GOP primary electorate at large, it looks like they’re cruising to an easy victory.

This is based on my analysis of the early vote totals in Franklin, Montgomery, and Lake counties.

In other news, Brunner narrowly won the early vote in Franklin County, but lost the early vote in Montgomery County by 60-40.

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Pretty sure this isn’t how Lee wanted to make Politico:

I see Alexander Burns is still parroting the Lee Fisher smear that Jennifer “won’t campaign for Fisher in the general”.? Too bad.? Wonder how bad the slouch will be?? My gut tells me 10-12 point Fisher win.? I’m up for being surprised though.??? 😉

Update😕 Ah.? No wonder Alexander Burns parroted the Fisher smear.

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Recc it up!

Let the defining begin:

Ted?s running against the sort of guy that likes to brag that his effort to shut down the government in the 90?s “was one of the greatest moments of my career.” In 2000, after Kasich?s failed bid for President, he was the first candidate to endorse George W. Bush. For the next eight years ? when he wasn?t guest hosting for the O?Reilly Factor ? he served as a managing director of Lehman Brothers.

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No answer at all. So what do they do? Attack the messenger. Almost en masse they all jump on the finding that the subject in the ad was also in another ad. You bet she was. She’s a former steelworker in Dayton who lost her job as a result of disastrous Republican policies. Her ad in 2008 was to oppose John McCain’s campaign.

Isn’t it telling that Team Strickland is using these same themes to counter Kasich? Wanna know why? Kasich = McCain. John Kasich is proposing the same thing for Ohio that John McCain and George […]

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Here is the first Strickland ad:

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The Columbus Dispatch reports that there’s a good chance that more primary voters voted early in Cuyahoga and Franklin counties that will actually vote today.

We know that the Brunner campaign made a strategic decision to bank as many early votes as possible before there was movement in the polls.

I’ve been told by numerous sources, and can find little evidence to the contrary, that Fisher has not done much to promote or track early voters by his supporters beyond a text message to vote early and a few mentions in e-mails on the website(which I got yesterday.  […]

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Awesome.? BTW, this is the video I watched before heading out to campaign at polling places today.? Thanks Jennifer, for doing this campaign the right way.

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