One week later, and Lee Fisher’s “momentum” in the Quinnipiac poll has come to a dead stop.

While sitting on a double digit lead once he went to the airwaves, the Fisher campaign still has reason for concern.

They’ve stalled below 50%.

And not ONE poll has gauged the enthusiasm between those leaning towards Fisher and Brunner.  My expectation is that some Fisher folks may switch or stay home.  Brunner folks, on the other hand, are so excited about her they’ve already voted.

Brunner’s campaign appears to be the only one that tracked likely voters into early voting GOTV.  The best I could find is that Fisher’s campaign website mentioned early voting on its website and e-mails.  Brunner’s campaign has actually been tracking and locking in as many early votes as possible.

Don’t get me wrong.  Brunner needs a trifecta of things to all break her way to win.

But stranger things have happened on election day.

And the Fisher campaign is sitting below 50% the day before the election.  Don’t tell me they aren’t nervous about being in the low 40%s with stalled momentum.

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