David Krikorian does an interview with Huffington Post which basically tracks verbatim Geoffrey Sea’s posts on DailyKos, literally down to the ridiculous corporate conspiracy that Olbermann went after Krikorian because he’s sponsored by Oil of Olay because Chili used to do marketing for them.

Clermont County David Lane mocks Krikorian and Geoffrey Sea’s conspiracy theory.

You know, it’s really hard to diffuse a racial attack of your primary opponent, when your campaign blogger, who apparently you parrot in interviews, attacks your opponent as having ethnic ties to terrorism:

Surya B. Yalamanchili, the puppet candidate, was ten years old in 1992, when that article was written. It was the last year of the George H.W. Bush administration, and the U.S. then stood accused of providing covert support, including missile technology, for the Tamil Tigers, described by Time Magazine as:

one of the most organized, effective and brutal terrorist groups in the world. They invented the suicide vest and, according to the FBI, are the only terrorist group to have assassinated two world leaders.

Source: http://www.time.com/…

The Yalamanchili family is Tamil-Telugu, not just “Indian-American.” (The Tamils and Telugus, who speak closely related Dravidian languages, tend to be of mixed genealogy.) While many Tamils live in India, the same ethnic group has been fighting a separatist civil war in Sri Lanka.

It would seem unfair to lay all this “baggage” on? poor Surya B. Yalamanchili, who only wants to rise from the penthouse ashes of surreality TV to hold a seat in the US Congress.

Please remind me, Mr. Krikorian, how your campaign doesn’t talk about your primary opponents.

I’m disturbed to the level of influence some as certifiably insane as Geoffrey Sea’s DailyKos’ rants sound is being parroted by what could be our nominee in the Second Congressional district.

And Mr, Krikorian, I’ve lived in the district longer than you have, sir.? I’ve worked in more Congressional campaigns in your district than you have.

Enjoy your best case scenario: an empty victory.

You cannot call David Lane a “rat” and expect us to support you.

Meanwhile, Politico is mocking Krikorian/Sea’s P&G conspiracy.

In other news…. Keith Olbermann responds to Geoffrey Sea’s nonsense (HT: Cincinnati Enquirer)

To flesh this out a bit: a) no advertiser ?sponsors? the show. We have commercials, but b) I don?t even see the ads on the show in the studio. We could be sponsored by Crosley Radio and I wouldn?t know. And c) we checked ? which evidently Mr. Krikorian didn?t know ? and we ran no Oil of Olay ads on Friday; none from Procter & Gamble.?

A caveat: local cable operators do get a few minutes an hour to sell. It?s possible somewhere on Friday an Oil of Olay spot ran during Countdown in a given city. But those spots usually go to smaller advertisers, and even if they don?t, we aren?t told about them, would never know who they were, and get no money from them.

He later added: OK, now I?m told by an online viewer that P&G ads popped up before the show content on-line

Finally ? look for Krikorian to be ?worst person? again tonight, Olbermann says.

I’ve never seen a campaign flail so poorly in the final weeks of a campaign.

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