Last week, the Ohio media breathlessly reported Inspector General’s Thomas Charles allegations that the Director of Ohio Public Safety “lied” under oath.

On page 21 of the report, Inspector General Thomas Charles said “Collins-Taylor would not even concede that the phrase “embarrassment to the boss” referred to Governor Strickland.”

Which would be incredible believe, if she had said that.

Instead, in transcripts of the I.G.’s interview that were released to the Columbus Dispatch today, we learn that Cathy Collins-Taylor didn’t answer exactly the way Charles reported:

Q:? Well, when you say “boss”, you mean?

A: I mean the Governor.

(Interview of ODPS Director Cathy Collins-Taylor, pg. 90)

Cathy Collins-Taylor, instead, testified that since they all work for the Governor the way this tobacco raid was being ramped out of proportion it would embarrass the Administration, and the Governor, specifically.

And yet, Charles reports that she said the opposite, and calls her a perjurer for it.

Seriously, this report is turning into more of joke every day.

Charles’ coverup theory is based entirely on the basis that the Director had no authority to approve this investigation even though the Ohio statute, that Charles affirmatively denies exists, actually says it’s her job.

Then Charles accuses her of obstructing his investigation because her agency numbered the documents they produced to him.

Then she’s called a liar for not admitting to something…. then releases his own interview transcripts showing that she admitted.

Wow.? Charles should be fired over his misleading report.