I wasn’t going to do this post. Really I wasn’t. But I need to just get this off my chest.

I’m just going to say it once and then I’ll leave it alone. But it has to be said. So here it goes…

Every time I find myself over at John Kasich’s website, or receive one of his emails, or see one of his ads I am exposed to some cutesy Kasich family photo like this…

or this…

or this…

And every time I see these photos I think to myself (or sometimes out loud): Christ man! How many ways can you beat me over the head with the I’m-a-family-man club?

We get it Johnny. You’re a very non-gay, virile, older guy who (the second time around) married a gal nearly a decade-and-a-half younger than yourself.


And ewwww…

(also, nice sweater.)

  • mvirenicus

    my monitor might be going bad or kasich looks like he's having a very bad reaction to a bee sting in that top photo.

  • Nope. Nothing wrong with your monitor.

    That's first photo you'll see if you go to his website.

  • mvirenicus

    he needs to get his pasty pale vampire ass outta the sun just like i do. i wish i had a nice red sweater like that. even better would be a nice red sweater vest. haaaang on, sloopy… hehe

  • scottpullins


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