And of course, DailyKos picks that brave outsider Lee Fisher. Crash those gates!!

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  • Pretty shitty hit piece. I notice Laura Clawson didn't mention in her post the shoddy reporting by DDN in that story. Brunner pledged not to support candidates as SOS – a distinction from J. Kenneth Blackwell. Why do so many Kossacks get this Ohio stuff so wrong?

  • Update. So Laura Clawson is from Blue Hampshire. Maybe she should stick to NH politics and leave Ohio alone. Especially when commenting on the front page of Kos!

  • dwhite105

    Check out my Dkos article. Recommend it and comment, maybe we'll get some facts on the site.

  • anastasjoy

    I'm so infuriated I can hardly speak. Did Laura not see the diasastrous flame wars that broke out last night over this? Did she not see how flimsy the hit was to begin with? Why on earth does DailyKos want to pile on Jennifer at this late hour?

  • Appears Ms. Clawson is now getting her ass handed to her at Kos.

  • mvirenicus

    “Why do so many Kossacks get this Ohio stuff so wrong?”

    It's difficult to discern over all the O-H I-O chanting, not to mention the never-ending refrains of “hang on sloopy.”

  • lol. all they have to do is read PB, right? 😉

  • mvirenicus

    That goes without saying. 🙂

  • anastasjoy

    Statement from Jennifer Brunner campaign manager David Dettman ? spread this everywhere:

    “Jennifer Brunner has fiercely guarded the independence of the office of Secretary of State. She has said for months that if she wins the primary she will continue the delegation of authority she signed that shifted some of her responsibility to senior staff. If she loses the primary, she will resume all of her duties and continue to be an impartial secretary of state.

    Jennifer has said all along that she is a Democrat and will continue to be a good Democrat but she has never endorsed in a race or publicly supported or campaigned for any candidate ? including President Obama – since she became Ohio?s chief elections official. She has no plans to change that.”

  • adrienne

    I guess dailykos wants Rob Portman to win. Don't understand why they did this the day before the election. Im glad that not many people read dailykos here in Ohio.

  • MarkKeating

    Stuff like this kills me. Isn't Kos' “mission statement to elect “more and better Democrats?” and then his employees pull crap like this.

    Anyway: from the comment thread on DKos – responses from from Jeff Coryell, the campaign's new media director, and from from JB herself

  • tttm

    What's really sad it that Lee Fisher has ingnored Chinese American's that he pull his latest racially insentative ad

    How sad that he would use potential racial prejudice to drum up votes.

    Dearest supporters and friends of OCA

    A few days ago, I was informed of a video that is currently running on TV paid by the Fisher for Ohio, Lee Fisher to US Senate 2010 campaign, the AD can be viewed here:… which as one point it said ?Washington protects tax breaks to companies that ships our jobs to China? ? it can indirectly hurt many Chinese Americans living in Ohio. I?ve asked their office to remove the Ad or to at least change the wording from China to Overseas (so it would not just target ONE country) however, I get the ?we?ll look into it later? and never had anything changed. Today, just now, I got a call from this gentleman and first, he apologized, then said the ad will run until Monday since Tuesday is the election, that means, it will be heavily aired all over the state to promote their message of ?betrayal?.

    What this can do to our community is that many viewers may take upon themselves to look at our community differently and at the end, increase segregation and racial profiling.

    I personally do not think they understand the degree of our concern, and if you do feel as strong as I do, please contact them directly here and let them know that they should be more sensitive to our culture instead of using one single ethnicity within their AD campaign.

    Johnny Wu

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