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Olbermann mocks Krikorian/Geoffrey Sea’s ridiculous corporate conspiracy theory…

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The problem with accusing Olbermann of being influenced […]

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Grandpa Kasich

On May 3, 2010 By

I wasn’t going to do this post. Really I wasn’t. But I need to just get this off my chest.

I’m just going to say it once and then I’ll leave it alone. But it has to be said. So here it goes…

Every time I find myself over at John Kasich’s website, or receive one of his emails, or see one of his ads I am exposed to some cutesy Kasich family photo like this…

or this…

or this…

And every time I see these photos I think to myself (or sometimes out loud): Christ […]

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Last week, the Ohio media breathlessly reported Inspector General’s Thomas Charles allegations that the Director of Ohio Public Safety “lied” under oath.

On page 21 of the report, Inspector General Thomas Charles said “Collins-Taylor would not even concede that the phrase “embarrassment to the boss” referred to Governor Strickland.”

Which would be incredible believe, if she had said that.

Instead, in transcripts of the I.G.’s interview that were released to the Columbus Dispatch today, we learn that Cathy Collins-Taylor didn’t answer exactly the way Charles reported:

Q:? Well, when you say “boss”, you mean?

A: I mean the […]

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David Krikorian does an interview with Huffington Post which basically tracks verbatim Geoffrey Sea’s posts on DailyKos, literally down to the ridiculous corporate conspiracy that Olbermann went after Krikorian because he’s sponsored by Oil of Olay because Chili used to do marketing for them.

Clermont County David Lane mocks Krikorian and Geoffrey Sea’s conspiracy theory.

You know, it’s really hard to diffuse a racial attack of your primary opponent, when your campaign blogger, who apparently you parrot in interviews, attacks your opponent […]

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And of course, DailyKos picks that brave outsider Lee Fisher. Crash those gates!!

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After filing his petitions in the 17th District, Traficant said he was going to to the Columbiana County Board of Elections at about noon.

When asked if he was also going to file petitions to run in the 6th Congressional District as an independent, he said, ?You never know with me. I might run in West Virginia.?

One thing I really love about Traficant is his ability to make these media idiots jump around on cue.? And here’s the best comment in the thread so far.


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One week later, and Lee Fisher’s “momentum” in the Quinnipiac poll has come to a dead stop.

While sitting on a double digit lead once he went to the airwaves, the Fisher campaign still has reason for concern.

They’ve stalled below 50%.

And not ONE poll has gauged the enthusiasm between those leaning towards Fisher and Brunner.  My expectation is that some Fisher folks may switch or stay home.  Brunner folks, on the other hand, are so excited about her they’ve already voted.

Brunner’s campaign appears to be the only one that tracked likely voters into early voting […]

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Because this idea worked out so well for Jim last time.? Guess I won’t be getting that Tim Ryan endorsement for my September 7 primary!

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