Busy as hell lately, but I’m gonna try to comment on how I plan to vote on Tuesday (as opposed to how I plan to visit as many polling places in District 7 on Tuesday ;).? Today, I’m gonna comment on Issue 2.

Last time around, you may recall, I voted against casino gambling in Ohio on one principal – such principal being that I’d like to see the Dickensian parasitic feasting of corporate interests on Ohio’s poor stop at some point.?? It’d be nice, don’t ya think?? I mean, really – haven’t we all given enough of our skin to the top of the food chain?? I guess that makes me a killjoy buzz kill hypocrite, given how much I played the craps tables in Vegas a couple weeks ago.? But I digress.

I lost that one, and legal casino gambling is coming to Ohio.? The Ohio Constitution has written into it, forEVER, the right of a few very rich people, conveniently noted by name, to get obscenely more rich by taking poor people’s money.? Hoo.? Ray.

Here’s the funny part about Issue 2 on the ballot this Tuesday.?? Ya’ll fucked up on the address of the casino in Columbus.

Well, well, well.

You’d think when you go about planning to enshrine into the core governing document of the state your free market right to have the poorest Ohioans hand you every last drop of their cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you would at least get the address of your Columbus rape station correct.? Even a small time burglar cases the joint he’s gonna hit for at least an hour.? In that hour, he gets the address correct.? You know how we all know he gets the address correct?? Because that’s the place he hits.? Duh.

If I got an address wrong on a legal filing as an attorney, I’d have to check my malpractice insurance to be sure that level of stupidity was covered when I got sued.? If I got an address wrong in a homework assignment, at any level of my education, I’d probably have been docked at least one letter grade.? These guys get the address wrong, no problem, they’re our slave masters, we have to fix it FOR them.

So now not only did these parasites force the entire state of Ohio to write this license to thieve into the founding document of Ohio, we now have to have the entire state vote again to correct the address.? Where is the teabagger outrage at micromanaging the free market?? Oh….sorry – they’ll be the first in line for the nickel slots, dragging the oxygen tanks one corporate created addiction forces into their nostrils, in order to bend over for a government created addiction they themselves probably voted for.? Who’s the hypocrite now?

I’m not actually interested in the reason why the address has to change.? I can’t imagine why it would matter where the poorest people in Ohio went to hand a few filthy rich thieves their money.? If I had my right to take money enshrined in constitutional government, I could give a shit where I have to go to take the money.? Who cares where they park the car?? It’s like a bank robber complaining that he has to actually go to the bank to get the money.? Dude – that’s where the money is.? Wherever this casino goes, that’s where the money is going to be.? So go and take it.

Apparently, we’ve all lost the part of our brain that notices absurdity.? Because if we still had that part of our brain, Ohio wouldn’t be this far into a Dali painting of an Escher drawing.

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