Been getting asked this a lot.

First, I still believe Jennifer Brunner is going to win this primary.? I do.? So I don’t think I’m going to have the problem of having to support Lee Fisher against Rob Portman.

Now, let’s say for the sake of argument that Lee does manage to do on Tuesday what he could not do in his previous two statewide elections, namely, win.? Modern has defined Lee’s problem very well.? Lee will be seen to have limped across the finish line, only with outside help, against an opponent who was almost unfunded, while repeating precisely the same mistakes which Lee Fisher is known for.? Taking things for granted, running a sloppy campaign, panicking, getting snippy, all the while wondering why anyone would deny unto Lee that which is rightfully Lee’s personal property, a public office.

This is why I really think Lee is still going to lose on Tuesday.? With so many still undecided, and likely to still be undecided on Tuesday, it is most unlikely that a voter undecided on Lee Fisher, after 30 years of Lee Fisher, will decide on Tuesday in favor of Lee Fisher.? I just don’t see that happening.

But if he manages to squeak by, I have good news for Lee Fisher.? I’m real busy.? I’m running for office myself, in a primary on September 7, the day job is getting more day jobby, so I will have very little time to comment on what will certainly be Lee’s final act in Ohio politics, a cosmically certain, spectacular loss to Rob Portman.? True, my primary will be over the day after Labor Day, and one way or another I’ll be less busy – I’ll either be guaranteed the safe D seat, or I’ll have lost and will be looking around for someone to take out my frustrations on, yes.? But you know what?

Like every single other Democrat in this state, whether they will admit it or not, I have grown weary of allowing Lee Fisher to be in my attention span for any length of time, however brief.? Lee Fisher is the single most boring, least compelling, uninteresting, flacidly pointless statewide Democrat I have ever encountered in my entire two decades in Ohio politics, and I have precisely zero intention of wasting any more of my time, in favor of, or in opposition to, Lee Fisher’s continued pointlessness.

And with that, I will vote for Jennifer Brunner on Tuesday.

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