So my Issue 2 rant is getting Joe all worked up about being late to his poker game……..let’s start another debate!

I’m voting for Issue 1, to re-authorize Third Frontier.? It’s not a perfect program, but I think it is the kind of public-private partnership that we need to foster in Ohio.? Third Frontier is forward leaning, innovative, and laser focused on the future, which is rare in a state where most such matters are governed by a backward neanderthal grunt instinct – for example, casino gambling.? How original!? And regressively non-helpful, too!

My philosophical problem with Third Frontier stems from the fact that yes, it is a kind of corporate welfare, albeit merit based.? However, this isn’t some license to print money, like casino gambling, or a handout.? We are leveraging bonds to make investments in the future industrial strength of the state.? That’s the kind of help government should be providing in a state that has been in a downward spiral for decades.? The free market is not perfect, but it is also not Ohio’s friend at the moment.? Government should, and must, do something to help when the free market won’t, despite what teabaggers and their Republican ilk may think, and Third Frontier is about as good as it’s going to get on that front.

My other problem with Third Frontier is that it does seem a bit too cozy with the likely suspects who would get the biggest chunks of change. ? I’m worried too many big fish are getting funding at the expense of smaller startups.? As someone who hopes to be representing Tremont in Cuyahoga County Council next year, I am very concerned that a business in District 7, Tremont Electric, has been turned down by Third Frontier repeatedly.

I can’t imagine a company in Ohio better positioned to receive, leverage, and totally dominate a market thanks to Third Frontier money, than Tremont Electric.? I’ve done two videos of Tremont Electric (here with Governor Strickland last year, and here six months before that), not just because they are in my neighborhood, but because Tremont Electric’s technology has the potential to totally remake Cleveland’s industrial base, if it could just get the right support from all these politicians running around the state waxing philosophic about green this, renewable that.? It’s staring you in the face, folks.? Fund it.

Despite my concerns, I will vote “yes” on Issue 1.

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