Do you remember back in school when a kid would get in trouble? What’s the first thing the would do?

Yes. Point at some other kid and say something along the lines of “Well, Bobby did it too!”

Classic juvenile deflection.

Not surprising to see the wingnut radicals on talk radio and Internet media outlets doing the same thing with the recent gulf coast oil spill disaster. “Obama’s Katrina!,” they yell. “What’s taking the administration so long to respond?” they query.

It’s enlightening, really. Ignoring the obvious irony of conservatives calling for a faster government response to something, the entire attempt at framing the disaster in order to hurt Obama with liberal Bush-like criticisms is completely instructive. The first thing it tells us, quite clearly, is that conservatives and Republicans now completely admit that Bush’s response to Katrina was an abject failure. That they are trying to saddle President Barack Hussein Obama with the same crisis of failure is to admit that Katrina was, in fact, a complete and total failure of the Bush administration. Something they were less likely to say out loud when it was actually happening.

The second thing it does is point to how embarrassed they are of an administration they were only too willing to apologize for at the time. They are desperate to replace their failed candidate with one on the left. The problem, of course, is that this one ain’t failing. Taking lumps, sure, but President Obama is nowhere near Bush-league when it comes to failing the American people and they can’t stand it! Filibuster this. Filibuster that. Legislation passes.

Drives them absolutely insane.

A rational person would realize the “gulf” of difference between the hurricane Katrina and the BP oil rig disaster. We are not dealing with rational people. I don’t need to insult your intelligence by explaining those differences.

I suspect those on the right will continue to try to make hay of this in some political fashion. I don’t really blame them there. It’s the game we play. If it were me, however, I’d realize very quickly what shaking rhetorical ground I was on and either not make the charge or otherwise make a hasty retreat after doing so. Why would you want to continue to remind people of one of the most dramatic examples of failed conservative philosophy and Republican leadership? Rational people don’t.

To each their own, I guess. They’ll keep making shit up and we’ll keep pointing to the truth and laughing at them.

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  • mvirenicus

    while those of us on the left will point to obama's decision to expand offshore drilling only a short time before this incident. obama is no friend to the environment. i look forward to voting for ANY third-partier on the left for president in 2012.

  • …as well as:

    BOSTON ? A whole new way of generating electricity in the U.S. drew a big step closer to reality Wednesday, and it could look like this: 130 windmills, 440 feet tall, rising from the ocean a few miles off Cape Cod.

    After more than eight years of lawsuits and government reviews, the Obama administration cleared the way for the nation's first offshore wind farm.

    “We are beginning a new direction in our nation's energy future,” U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar declared in announcing his approval of the $2 billion Cape Wind project, which would finally allow the U.S. to join the list of major countries that are producing electricity from sea breezes.

    The pragmatic environmentalist knows that you can't just end oil use or even coal use at this point, but you can take serious steps to maximize the renewable portion of the energy pie. President Obama is doing that. Your characterization of the POTUS as no friend to the environment is unwarranted and baseless hyperbole. I look forward to convincing you otherwise on your vote i 2012. 😉

  • mvirenicus

    good luck with that. 😉 there have been too many missteps by this administration on the environmental front. it's my primary issue. remember the initial approval of mountain top removal mining? how about the copenhagen disaster? i could continue, but the simple fact is that obama is not showing any leadership on these issues among many others. i'd rather have a POTUS with fire in the belly who fails in some of his efforts than whatever this is we have now.

  • do you mean the one where the EPA announced “sweeping new regulations”?

    But today?s big news is a lot brighter than yesterday?s offshore drilling hubbub: the Obama administration announced sweeping new regulations for mountaintop removal, the coal-mining method that tends to (a) remove mountaintops, (b) fill mountain valleys with rubble, and (c) pollute waterways downstream.

    The new EPA regs focus on clean water, which limits the ability of mining companies to dump waste freely, which puts the whole mountaintop-removal method in jeopardy. So it?s kind of a big deal. Both mining advocates and mountain-and-water defenders agree on this.

    “It could mean the end of an era,” Luke Popovich of the National Mining Association told the Washington Post. He said that to limit valley fills “is tantamount to saying the intent is to strictly limit coal mining in Appalachia.”

    that one?

    So the inability to stop global warming in Copenhagen was Obama's fault. LOL. Man. You have become full on hater.

    Please do continue to demonstrate factually why Obama is “no friend to the environment”. I will be happy to retort. So far not looking good for you. I will warn you that there could be a slight delay in my polemic as I have some horse racing and hold'em to attend to later.

  • mvirenicus

    yeah, before the EPA regulations that you cite was this:
    “Now comes word that EPA is set to approve 42 out of 48 MTR permits — more than were approved during the entire Bush administration — which could lead to the destruction of hundreds more miles of Appalachian streams and thousands of acres of forests — along with the flattening of peaks and filling of valleys.”

    the reversal could only have been the result of the deafening outcry from the environmental community. this guy is no friend to the environment — only when reminded that he has a constituency that doesn't always include bankers and oil executives.

  • so….progress? LOL

    Sorry. You lose the MTR argument.


  • KarenJ

    You're probably going to waste your vote, then. The platforms of our previous two presidential candidates were flawed in some respects, but the platforms of the Libertarian, Socialist, Green, etc. candidates in EVERY election ALWAYS have serious flaws that are unappealing to more than a few percentage points of voters.

    Until a third party combines the best progressive ideas and policies of the Democrats and the best fiscal conservative ideas and policies (and by that I mean leave off the social conservative, religious fundamentalist, obsession with tax cuts ideas and policies), you're probably going to have to make a choice between your “lesser of two evils”.

    And right now, you should be appreciating that Barack Obama, even with his dismaying corporatist policies, is our President rather than John McCain, who seems to have gone off the deep end psychologically in almost every way. And McCain's “back up plan” Sarah Palin? His choice of her confirms how senile McCain must be. She's the most horrifying “near miss” in politics, ever.

  • mvirenicus

    vote wasn't wasted if for no other reason that maybe now the ohio democratic party will stop filling my mailbox with junk every campaign season. i won't hold my breath as they've managed to ignore my frequent requests for removal from their mailing lists over the last couple years. my vote will be even more valuable this november when it doesn't land in the dem column on at least one major contest where my vote would have been taken for granted in the past. the big question is whether the “minor party” candidates will be allowed on the general election ballot. most ohioans weren't even aware they had the option to register third-party in the primaries.

    i won't address your core political comments because we simply disagree, and i think your second paragraph is just plain silly.

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