After Keith Olbermann names Krikorian to the top of Friday’s “Worst Persons in the World,”  Krikorian apologist/volunteer campaign policy advisor Geoffrey Sea (aka “Ohiobama” on DailyKos), of course, decides the prudent action is to go after Keith Olbermann as part of a corporate conspiracy plot designed to help Jean Schmidt because Proctor & Gamble sponsors Keith’s show and Chili did marketing for them.

This diary will go down as a symbol of Sea’s delusional rantings wherein he loses his intended audience, not just by slandering Olbermann, but using the current Gulf environmental disaster as an off-fitting analogy in the process.


The sad thing is, I still expect Krikorian to win the primary.  It’s so late in the primary, and the eastern counties where there isn’t much of a media market may not have heard about Krikorian’s issues at all.

Also, don’t forget that there’s been a tremendous effort to capture the early vote, too.

I have to admit though.  I am enjoying watching Sea’s credibility implode.  He’s not even on his own diary defending his stuff anymore.

I’ll be watching Hamilton and Clermont counties Tuesday night closely.  I’d like to have a decent candidate in that race, but I’m still afraid we’re going to be stuck with Krikorian.

Oh, did I mention that the Cincinnati Enquirer endorse Chili today, too?

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