Lee Fisher’s attempt to sweep the newspaper endorsements failed.

Despite the fact that they note that Fisher is pulling away from Brunner in polling, the editorial board of the Cincinnati Enquirer endorsed Brunner:

But we think Democratic voters ought to give feisty underdog Brunner a good look in this race as well. She has shown resilience and policy-making skill as secretary of state, a difficult post on which both parties exert great pressure. We haven’t agreed with some of her decisions on election policy, but she has stood her ground credibly on reforms and has worked out some snags in the voting process. Her ability to work with people of divergent views, while holding true to her liberal roots, shows she could be effective in the Senate, where she’d like to join her mentor, Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio.

You know what the editorial board of the Cincinnati Enquirer just showed?

(Come on, you know you wanna say it with me….)


3 more days.

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