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Jon Keeling’s inability to surprise anyone continues uninterrupted.  When I talked to Tim today about the Ohio Poll’s new numbers showing Ted Strickland ahead 49% to 44%, I predicted what Keeling would write in response.

And I nailed him.

Keeling engages in his usually hackery by taking stale polling data from other polling outfits and declaring that the Ohio Poll is now flawed when he had no such concerns back in January when the Ohio Poll showed Kasich ahead 51% to 45% among likely voters.  Keeling has criticized and dismissed other polls because they didn’t poll […]

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Pardon Our Dust

On May 29, 2010 By

You may notice the site loading slowly, not loading at all, or other issues this weekend. We’re moving the site to a new host as we’re a the end of our rope with our current one.

All the gorey details are sure to come, but for now we’re working hard over the weekend to get things back to normal. Go picnic and when you come back hopefully we’ll be rocking.

– Management

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Ruh roh. It looks like the free speech gestapo is out in force because certain Americans were speaking out in certain ways that did not line up with the agenda the GOP wanted to foist upon us at American Speaking Out.

I just noticed some “speak outs” have been removed from the site that I linked to yesterday. Specifically:

Belgium looked at us funny. Let?s bomb them.


Stop wasting federal money on websites designed to make Americans feel like Republicans are actually listening to them.

Curiously enough this one is still up:

Build […]

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It would not appear that this could get any better. The absolute hilarity and GOP #fail that is America Speaking Out. Get better it does:

“The Microsoft TownHall software, which is the underlying software on which the America Speaking Out website was built, is available at no cost,” Microsoft spokeswoman Sarah Anissipour said in an e-mailed statement. “Customers only pay to host their TownHall solution on Windows Azure, which is available using a scalable, pay-only-for-usage model. The number of people visiting a website does have a direct correlation to Windows Azure usage.” Translated out of P.R.-speak, that means […]

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I shit you not. This fucker has some onions that’s for sure. “Judge, I’d like you to release my cow kicking and beating ass so I can go beat my own horses and light my cat on fire with lighter fluid”. If you thought dude was mental before, this just ties a nice tight bow on top of that assessment. He says he has some animals to take care of as a reason the judge should let him out of jail:

Plays the disabled veteran card. The law enforcement officer tests to take card. This guy is something else. […]

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So pathetic.

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Last weekend at the farmers’ market I was approached by some kids with petitions for the Human Society’s proposed anti-farm animal cruelty ballot initiative. I read the language and decided not to sign it.

This weekend I’m going to be looking for those kids with the clipboards. What changed my mind should be obvious if you’ve been paying even minor attention to Ohio news today

I watched this video this morning and it’s been haunting me all fucking day. I recommend you don’t click through. It’s really difficult to watch.

The video shows Billy Joe Gregg Jr. brutally […]

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Bill Todd and his erect arrows fail to defeat incumbent Franklin County GOP Chairman and his limp arrows.

Bill Todd loses another election… this time among the GOP faithful.

I think it’s safe to finally say his short-lived political career is over.  It’s becoming embarrassing for the guy.

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PS: We are Better Than That!

On May 26, 2010 By

Because it’s awesome, that’s why:

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What happens when you don’t have an agenda with which to fight the godless communists who have taken over our country?

Apparently you ask the Internet for one.

What happens when you ask the Internet for one?

The Internet pwns you, that’s what. Oh and we all get a side of LOL fantastitude.

Enter one America Speaking Out. Here is what John Boehner thought would happen:

“I would expect the ideas that come out of this Web site and the involvement of our members will lead to ideas that we can attempt to implement today,” […]

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