If you haven’t been following the LetOhioVote drama we’ve been covering for the past few months then you can move on to another post.

If you have been following it, then you’ll find
today’s Ohio Supreme Court decision really interesting on many levels.

Here’s the decision:

In a unanimous ruling, justices denied an attempt by LetOhioVote.org to block Brunner from enforcing subpoenas intended to reveal who funded the group’s petition to put the slot-machine issue on the November ballot.

The first thing to remember here is that the people (Gene Pierce, Carlo Loparo, etc) running the show at LetOhioVote are all former Ken Blackwell staffers. All people who worked on Ken’s 2006 campaign against Governor Strickland. And all people who – I believe – initiated this entire anti-racetrack-slot endeavor just to screw with the Governor because he defeated their previous employer.

The second thing to remember is that every member of the Ohio Supreme Court is a Republican. Eric Brown, the Democrat who will replace Justice Moyer, won’t be sworn in until next week.

So that means the entire plot to circumvent Ohio election law led by ex-Blackwell staffers with the sole purpose of embarrasing Governor Strickland has been completely undone by Ohio’s most powerful (Republican) judges. Unanimously.

Ouch! That must really sting.

Sorry about your luck, Carlo. It seems like the rest of the party has abandoned you and your revenge-focused crew.

Blackwell’s got his new book to pay the bills. What about you?

Time to cough up the records or … face contempt charges?

Is Ken really worth all of this stress Carlo?

I think it might finally be time to leave Ken behind (he’s obviously not going to ever run for political office again), to make amends with rest of the party and to shut down this stupid game you’ve been playing.