All the David Krikorian hoopla has led to a very unrelated, but no less interesting, result.? Subodh Chandra confirms the central allegation of this cover story from the Cleveland Independent, which I wrote and researched in August, 2009.

That you did this, sir, is actually not “shocking.” It is a natural human thing to do to try to advance yourself. It may have seemed innocent and “real politik” enough at the time. After all, I’m sure you thought, aren’t you just describing reality–the world as it is, not as you want it to be? I’m sure that State Rep. Jennifer Garrison, celebrated by the State Party for a time and still serving as Ohio Majority Leader, thought exactly the same thing when she looked me from head to toe like I was a turd (after I asked her for her endorsement) and said, “No one where I’m from would ever vote for someone who looks like YOU” and then turned on her heel and walked away. I’m sure Marc Dann thought the same thing as he made the point in his private meetings, trying to persuade others.

Now that Subodh has waived the journalistic privilege, I can confirm that Subodh was in fact my source for the Indy cover story.? The reason I want to confirm that Subodh was the source?? Because I get a lot of shit from people who try to discredit what I write with obvious cheap shots.? Well, Subodh is now confirming what he told me in August.? Good.

I don’t know why Subodh decided to stay off the record with me, but goes on the record on Facebook today, over a rather less egregious incident, which isn’t even aimed at him, but hey.? Sources are funny that way.