I gave a draft stump speech at my April campaign meeting…the first time I’ve ever given a prepared political speech for my own candidacy. ?It was a little nerve racking – we had a good crowd (which you’ll hear at the end of the second segment, which is crunching now). ?This is the segment on Human Rights for Ex-Offenders. ?Go easy on me….I’m running on training wheels at the moment.

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  • tom

    Tim, I realize this is great self therapy, but with your background you have got to be kidding me that you think this is a winning issue for a stump speech!

  • I believe “his background” allows him to speak with some authority on the issue. I don't think he's kidding you. I'm pretty sure it also won't be the only issue Tim runs on either.

    Transparency. Yeah. That's right.

  • mvirenicus

    good speech. great points. on the verge of a perfectly smooth delivery.

  • Hey T,
    I think you did a good job. Will have my keyboard and shoe leather ready after May 4.

  • tom

    Eric, I meant his back ground as a successful political operative.

  • OK “tom”. Fair enough. Most people, when referring to Tim's “background” are not talking about the positive stuff. Knee jerk reaction on my part. I think he has also thought through the political parts of this as well, as have I. I think it is actually the only way to go about things – owning his past and using it as an issue he can talk about positively on the campaign trail rather than trying to fly it under the radar and having it “come out” again for the umpteenth time.

    I won't speak for Tim or his campaign, though. I'm just a supporter.

  • Let me just give my thoughts on the speech. If I'm not mistaken I was there. The essence of what was being said was pitch perfect. Good writing of course since the candidate also happens to be a fantastic writer. The delivery is what needed to get smoother – and granted this was the first time it was tried out on an audience. Less reading. More connecting.

    I personally love the message. We have to be willing to let those who made mistakes and seek redemption do so. We should also realize that people (individually and collectively) should not be perpetually defined by their mistakes.

    Rock on.

  • it's just a part of the speech. like it's just a part of me.

  • mvirenicus

    i wouldn't vote for you until you grow your hair back and include a ponytail. lol

  • mvirenicus

    i sense he's close to having that speech down in the delivery. just a little more repetition and it'll click for him.

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