From the daily archives: Friday, April 30, 2010

If you haven’t been following the LetOhioVote drama we’ve been covering for the past few months then you can move on to another post.

If you have been following it, then you’ll find
today’s Ohio Supreme Court decision really interesting on many levels.

Here’s the decision:

In a unanimous ruling, justices denied an attempt by to block Brunner from enforcing subpoenas intended to reveal who funded the group’s petition to put the slot-machine issue on the November ballot.

The first thing to remember here is that the people (Gene Pierce, Carlo Loparo, etc) running the show […]

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I gave a draft stump speech at my April campaign meeting…the first time I’ve ever given a prepared political speech for my own candidacy. ?It was a little nerve racking – we had a good crowd (which you’ll hear at the end of the second segment, which is crunching now). ?This is the segment on Human Rights for Ex-Offenders. ?Go easy on me….I’m running on training wheels at the moment.

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All the David Krikorian hoopla has led to a very unrelated, but no less interesting, result.? Subodh Chandra confirms the central allegation of this cover story from the Cleveland Independent, which I wrote and researched in August, 2009.

That you did this, sir, is actually not “shocking.” It is a natural human thing to do to try to advance yourself. It may have seemed innocent and “real politik” enough at the time. After all, I’m sure you thought, aren’t you just describing reality–the world as it is, not as you want it to be? I’m sure that State […]

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INSKEEP: As you know, Democrats are already pointing to things that are changing in America because of this bill. They will point to the fact that college seniors, who would have been kicked off their families’ insurance plans when they graduated, will get to stay on. Insurance companies are now saying they’re going to end the practice of “rescission,” where they take, or at least modify…

BOEHNER: Both of those ideas, by the way, came from Republicans, and are part of the common sense ideas that we ought to have in the law.

INSKEEP: Well, are you […]

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Following up on a story discussed on Plunderbund back in December, The Supreme Court yesterday ruled 5-4 to allow the Christian cross to remain on land that was given to the VFW by Congress when it was ruled that the cross could not remain on public land. It is now a tiny island of private land within a sea of public property.

An obvious attempt by Congress and the court to thrust religion upon those unwilling to accept it. From this point forward I want to hear precisely fuck all about “judicial activism” from those on the […]

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Dealing with asshole voters

On April 30, 2010 By

Got a feeling I’m gonna have a few of them…….

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