Reginald Fields of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote about a letter attorney Rocky Saxbe sent the Inspector General back on April 9th regarding his client, ODPS Director Collins-Taylor.  I’ve obtained a copy of that letter.

The letter covers the facts that I’ve largely outlined showing why it was entirely unreasonable for anyone to think the alleged contraband would be anything other than tobacco.

But on page 6, Saxbe adds these new fact to the mix:

“Captain Henderson was already under pending disciplinary action for losing her sidearm weapon a second time and failing to report the loss.  Colonel Dicken had been involved in an incident in 2008, when Major Booker sought his approval for the emergency purchase of computer equipment for the Highway Patrol task force working with the Inspector General on the investigation of Attorney General Dann. Colonel Dicken subsequently learned that Major Booker had misrepresented the purchase of the acquisition which was actually for the Inspector General’s use.” (emphasis added.)

Um…. interesting.

So, we have an allegation now that some of the key figures in the tobacco raid being involved at an attempt to buy computer equipment with Patrol funds for the Inspector General’s office?  Saxby also notes some facts that are curiously absent in the I.G.’s report, like the inmate confessed that the plot involved tobacco.

Who investigates the Inspector General?  Weirdness.

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